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The Hardy Boys Nuke the Fridge

While all of that's been going on, Darling Sammy's been trying and failing to convince Dean that Adam Milligan's most likely exactly who he claims to be, and is finally reduced to tossing some apparently damning evidence from Daddy Shut Up's demonic dayplanner into Dean's face to get his point across. "There's an entry," he explains, "from January of 1990 saying he's 'heading to Minnesota to check out a case.'" "That's roughly, oh, about," he continues, amusingly and obnoxiously processing the easy math in that freakish Cro-Magnon skull of his, "nine months before the kid was born!" Dean, still willfully blind to the likely conclusion despite Sam's mad logical-reasoning skillz, chalks it up to coincidence, so Sam's forced to point out that their worthless bastard of a so-called father proceeded to rip out the next two pages, as if he were perhaps, oh, I don't know, hiding something about the trip like, say, a bastard love child. This just makes Dean think of Dad Sex, especially when Sam presses the decidedly sore issue by suggesting that Sucky John "slipped one past the goalie," and Disgusted El Deano's about to doooood a "DUDE!" that'll curl Darling Sammy's remarkably talented coif when a mope of a hoodied teenager lopes into the diner to stand helplessly at the door, looking a little lost. This is, of course, Adam Milligan, and I guess fashion sense is genetic, for in addition to that aforementioned hoodie the kid's sporting, he's also clad in what I could swear is an exact replica of Sam's favored Season-One ghost-hunting jacket, and I haven't even started on the hair, which is, while obviously not as talented as Sam's in much the same way poor little Dedee from the teaser's not as talented as her older sister, nevertheless a longer version of Dean's with a smattering of Sam's sideburns thrown in for good measure, and where the hell was I? Oh, yes: The Winchester Brothers Meet-And-Greet, currently in progress. Sam's affable enough, Dean's pretty open with the hostility and loathing, and Adam remains stricken and lost throughout, no doubt due to the crushing sense of loss he feels over...whatever it was he called Sucky John about in the first place, I'm guessing.

In any event, Adam joins Our Intrepid Heroes at the table and opens by wondering how Sam and Dean knew Daddy Shut Up. "We worked together," Sam answers somewhat honestly, and so Adam next quite reasonably wonders how Sucky John finally, gloriously bit it. "On the job," Sam allows, still withholding vast amounts of pertinent information without actually LYING about it all. Looking a little confused over that particular cause of death, Adam asks, "He's a mechanic, right?" "A car fell on him," Dean snaps, and hee! "Pity we were not witness to that!" Raoul shriekingly opines, and you know how much I enjoy your recapping companionship, friend of friends, but that's not what happened to him. "I know! Again: Pity!" Oh, Raoul. Such a card you are. "Hee!" Anyway, the waitress, "Denise," interrupts the festivities at this point to greet Adam by name and ask if he'd like his usual. Adam does, so Denise disappears just as suddenly as she'd arrived, having thus efficiently established Adam's bona fides as a well-known resident of the town. Once she's gone, the questions continue, with Sam wondering when Adam last saw his father and why he suddenly decided to give Sucky John a ring after two years. "He's the only family I've got," Adam explains, quite easily downing half the glass of holy water without so much as batting an eye, so there's that possibility shot all to hell. "My mom's missing," he continues, speaking directly to Sam. Darling Sammy attempts to shimmy into his Captain Empathy outfit, realizes that task is now impossible given how freaking yooooge he's gotten over the last couple of seasons, and instead opts to unleash The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of It Sucks To Be You, Kid, But Why Don't You Tell Me About It Anyway?

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