LARP and the Real Girl

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A Tolkien Gesture

Sam and Dean talk it over outside the interview room. Dean believes Lance is innocent. "Those weren't crocodile tears," he says, as if there aren't more convincing tears on any number of sad hobo clown paintings. They head over to the nearest available computer to look up the MoonDoor website. (I mistakenly called it Moondor in the recaplet because it obviously takes its name from Mordor.) The site is straight out of Geocities, circa 1997. All those computer geeks they got playing the game and not one of them could whip up something better than this eyesore? Sam clicks through some pictures that show Lance at the feast, just as he claimed. "It actually looks kinda awesome," Dean says. He quickly reigns in his inner nerd when Sam gives him an incredulous look. They click on a video that extols MoonDoor's virtues. It's got honor and passion and pointy rubber ears. There are also four factions: Followers of the Moon, Elves, Warriors of Yesteryear and Shadow Orcs. All the while, Dean is nodding along, barely able to contain his glee. The current ruler of the kingdom, according to the video, is the Queen of Moons. Much to the Winchesters' surprise, it's none other than Charlie Bradbury.

In the interview room, Lance discovers a tree tattoo has suddenly appeared on his arm. A moment later, he coughs up a handful of blood. He projectile-vomits blood all over the one-way mirror. Blood pours from his eyes. He screams and falls to the floor. His dying was markedly less comical than his grieving.

Later, Sheriff Walrus shows Sam and Dean the video footage from the interview room. "God forbid he was contagious," Sheriff Walrus says. "I'm gonna go dip myself in hand sanitizer!" This lets him leave the scene so that Sam and Dean can freely discuss the supernatural. Dean notes there are no EMF readings or sulfur or hex bags to be found. Sam plays the video again and notices the tattoo on Lance's arm.

They head over to the park to question the LARPers. The citizens of MoonDoor have got quite an involved setup. It's like a Renaissance festival with tents and shops and displays. How do they have time to do this every other weekend? Sam and Dean take it all in with some incredulity. Dean even rolls his eyes like he's not already totally in love with the whole thing. Their attention turns to a guy in a red and white tunic and hood. He addresses a chunky guy in rubber ears and plastic teeth. "I, Boltar the Furious, bind you these stocks so that all of MoonDoor can see you for what you are -- a thief!" The chunky guy starts to tell him off, but his plastic teeth fall out. Boltar helpfully picks them up and reinserts them for his fellow LARPer. The bound fellow is a Shadow Orc. He promises to unseat the Queen and return the Shadow King to the throne.

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