LARP and the Real Girl

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A Tolkien Gesture

Over at Ye Olde Tech Tent, Sam sits down at a computer next to a cute blond lady in leather armor. She takes one look at him and seems instantly ten times more interested in him than Amelia ever was. She helps him figure out how to access a directory of online players. "Thanks," he says, pausing for her to introduce herself. "Maria," she says. Then she remembers the game and gives him a flirty smile. "I mean Gholandria," she says, which sounds as much like Galadriel as it does a venereal disease.

Back in Charlie's tent, Dean is just putting the finishing touches on his outfit. Did he buy all this stuff or did another play just magically happen to have a spare set of clothes that fit him perfectly? I'm not going to spend too much worrying about it, because it's pretty adorable. So, apparently he and Charlie have been talking while he got dressed and we're joining them in mid-convo. "You sent Sam a phantom text from his ex?" Charlie asks. "Dick move, sir." It would be nice to know if he told her all the important bits leading up that that, or if he was just confessing the parts he feels guilty about, for the simple fact that Dean has some kind of pathological need to blame himself for everything. "Yeah, not my finest hour," he admits. "So, he found she normalcy with this chick," Charlie says, "and now it's gone... again... thanks to you." The writer of this episode is doing a little LARPing as Charlie Bradbury. Dean doesn't correct her or defend himself or point out that Same made the choice irrespective of the text. All he says, in a silver linings kind of way, is that Sam is now committed to the job. "Trust me, this life? You can afford attachments," he says. "You just gotta let go." It would be impossible to miss just how desperately lonely Dean sounded when he said that. "Are we still talking about Sam or did you break up with someone, too?" Charlie asks. Dean scoffs, but it's not played as comically as you might expect, given the rest of the episode.

On their way out of the tent, Dean picks up a wooden sword and asks Charlie about her history with LARPing. She says a buddy of hers got her into it. "Went for him, stayed for the chicks," she says. Dean chuckles because he can totally understand that. Charlie says she likes the escape. "I mean, here I'm queen, a hero. Out there in the real world, I'm just hacking out code and chugging coffee all day long." He reminds her that she's a hero for helping them against Dick Roman. The whole time they're walking, practically every woman has been giving Charlie flirty looks. It's something else Dean can relate to.

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