LARP and the Real Girl

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A Tolkien Gesture

Ye Olde Tech Tent. Sam has pulled up case files on all the afflicted MoonDoor players. Gholandria sees his screen and frowns. "It's all part of the game," he lies. She buys it. She recognizes one of the players. "I heard she broke her ankles or something," she says. Sam clicks on her file. Her feet are basically turned the totally wrong way around. They agree it looks like she got hobbled. Sam shows her the tree tattoo. She doesn't recognize it, but offers to look it up for him.

Charlie and Dean question a little elfin lass. She doesn't recognize the tree symbol, but she's more than a little receptive to Charlie's flirtations. Dean gapes at her because, seriously, who gets that much action in one day?

Back in Ye Olde Tech Tent, Sam notices that all of the attacks are Medieval in nature. He thinks someone is targeting the Queen's people, but Gholandria points out that the other factions have been attacked too. The only ones who haven't gotten hit are the Shadow Orcs.

Charlie and Dean have narrowed down their search to the Shadow Orcs as well. Charlie despairs because they're impossible to find. They're somewhere in the park, right? How hard can it be to find a punch of grown men in cloaks and plastic teeth in a public park? Dean thinks he knows someone who can lead them to the Shadow Orcs.

At the same time, Sam and Gholandria have uncovered the meaning of the Tree of Pain, thanks to the modern magic that is the internet. Anyone tagged with the mark will become the victim of fairy magic. Or perhaps it's "faerie" magic. There's probably a difference that eludes me. For some reason, Gholandria is surprised that fairy magic can be bad because maybe she's brand new to the fantasy genre or has never seen True Blood.

Charlie and Dean approach the Shadow Orc who's still confined to the stocks. Dean shows him the tattoo. "You seen this?" he asks. "Yeah, of course," the Orc says. He tries to take it back and say he hasn't seen it, but Dean threatens him with his wooden sword. The Orc admits it's the Shadow King's family crest. "You'll never find him in the Black Hills!" Dean turns to Charlie, who explains it's the forest behind the playground.

Sam thanks Gholandria for all her help in Ye Olde Tech Tent. She gives him a sparkly smile and invites him to her tent, again looking magnitudes more interested in him than Amelia ever managed. Sadly, Sam turns her down and gets back to work.

Boltar finds Charlie and Dean en route to the Black Hills. He gives Dean a snitty look. "Has this oaf attempted to harm you with his blasphemous metalworks?" He's speaking of Dean's phone, which he's currently holding up in search of a signal. "Boltar, he's with me," Charlie says. "He's my new... handmaiden." Dean very carefully doesn't react to that. Boltar says the hills aren't safe and advises his queen to return to camp. Dean gives Charlie his phone and asks her to find Sam while he heads off to question the Shadow Orcs. It doesn't make sense that he'd send her off alone when they suspect someone is trying to get to her, but whatever.

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