LARP and the Real Girl

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A Tolkien Gesture

Kidnapping Tent. Charlie's new love interest has traded her black cloak for a sheer white dress with pink sequins. Why not just start out with that ensemble? If you're trying to get someone on your side, why freak them out with a horror movie getup? "My name is Gilda," she says. "I'm from the Hollow Forest of Arkmoor." Charlie is utterly smitten even though Gilda could be totally evil. Gilda says she was summoned by someone to do his bidding. "My master, he has me hurt people. He's forcing me to." She insists she's the good kind of fairy, which Charlie believes at once. Gilda says her master started with smaller commands, but has now made her kill two men. Charlie tries to explain that this was all supposed to be a game that someone is now taking way too seriously. It was supposed to be an escape. Gilda says she wants to go back home, but can't break free of the spell. "A hero must take my master's book of magic and destroy it, breaking the spell." Charlie thinks about for a second then announces, "Gilda, my name is Charlie Bradbury, and I am here to rescue you!"

Boltar and the Winchesters find the tent they're looking for. It's like the TARDIS of tents, as they discover when they head inside. It's decked out with a stone hearth, cozy fire, chandeliers, artwork and pillars made of antlers. Dean is the first to notice the bed, and that Charlie is making out with some lady on it. He looks stunned, then happy. He clears his throat. Charlie is none too pleased to see them. "Dudes! If the tent's rockin', don't come knockin'!" Who cares if people are dying, right? Gilda isn't happy to see them, either, but for a different reason: "It's my master! Run!" She's speaking, of course, of nerdy little Boltar because who else would it be this late in the episode?

Sam and Dean train their guns on him. "No guns in MoonDoor, gentlemen," he reminds them. "Gilda, if you please?" Gilda waves her hand and the guns turn into puffs of feathers. Boltar's plan, he explains, was to eliminate all his competition, win the battle then convince the Queen that he should be her King. Charlie rolls her eyes. He killed Ed and Lance because they broke the rules and bought their way into the Queen's Honor Guard by paying off other players with real-world money. "Why would you hurt people?" Charlie asks. "It's just a game!" Boltar explodes. "There is no game! There is only MoonDoor!" MoonDoor was his escape from his crappy life. All he had to do was track down a spell book on eBay and kill a few people. He would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those pesky Winchesters.

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