LARP and the Real Girl

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A Tolkien Gesture

He makes Gilda turn his fake sword into a real one. Sam and Dean assume battle positions. At Boltar's command, she makes a suit of armor come to life and grab Sam. Dean goes after Boltar, but his sword is still fake and quickly proves useless. He grabs a shield that Boltar neglects to have Gilda turn into a bag of marshmallows. He fends off Boltar with the shield until he can land a solid punch. As Boltar staggers back, the spell book conveniently falls out of his pocket. Charlie stabs the book with a dagger. Bright, golden light shoots out of it. The armor releases Sam. Boltar's sword turns back into foam. This doesn't stop him from trying to attack Dean again. Dean just grabs the sword out of his hand and knocks him out cold with an elbow to the face.

Charlie runs over to Gilda, who thanks her but says she must leave now. She'll also take Boltar with her to the "fairy tribunal" so that there won't be any pesky loose ends left in the real world. She gets one last kiss from Charlie before disappearing in a puff of glitter with Boltar.

Denouement. Sam and Dean have returned to their street clothes as they prepare to leave MoonDoor behind. Charlie walks with them to the exit and says she's decided to stay. "If the last 24 hours have taught me anything, it's that escaping isn't what it used to be." They say their goodbyes and then Charlie heads off to what she's sure will be a futile battle, given how much of her army she's lost recently. Dean turns to Sam. "So, what's next? 'Cause, no fun, right?" Sam actually smiles ever so slightly. "Look, before you say anything, I get it," Dean says. "No amount of fun is gonna help you get over what you gave up." What this episode needs right here is just a big ol' Monty Python cartoon foot that just stomps them both and then it's all over. Sam didn't give up a normal life. He stopped dating a married woman! Sam says Dean's right. "Having fun won't help me -- it'll help both of us." Sam nods back towards the camp. "Shall we?" Dean tries to act like it's no big deal, but it's pretty much all he can do to keep from grinning like a big goofball.

Battle of Kingdoms. The morning dawns misty and cold when Dean addresses the Followers of the Moon. He has added a long, flowing blond wig to his ensemble, as well as a necklace made of rubber ears. Heroic music plays. "And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance..." Charlie wonders if this isn't the speech from Braveheart. Sam, wearing a costume of his own, says it's the only speech Dean knows. The speech continues: "...just one chance to come back here, and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they will never take --" The music winds down as a Frisbee lands on the battlefield. Everybody waits for a guy to retrieve it. The music starts up again, as does Dean: " -- our freedom!" With that, the Followers of the Moon charge at the Shadow Orcs, with Sam and Dean leading the way.

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