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The Hardy Boys: Now On A Mission From God!

Back from the break, Our Intrepid Heroes park their tantalizing behinds in Johnny Mac's Diner for a little post-eye-immolation pie and strategery, only to have their chummy little confab quite rudely interrupted when those demons Sam'd been tracking in Tennessee pop up to toss them some the forms of the fry cook, a patron, and the waitress who just brought them their order! DUN! The waitress's eyes flip beetle black for a lengthy moment as the possessed patron shuffles over to lock the door. Once this is done, the waitress -- and let's just call her "Flo," because that's what Dean does, and also: Hee! -- allows her eyes to clear and starts in with the taunting. "Dean! To Hell and back!" she faux-marvels before sneering, "So you just get to stroll out of the pit? What makes you so special?" "I like to think it's because of my perky nipples," Dean grins. Flo, along with many in the audience, remains singularly unamused at this, so Dean growls, "I don't know -- it wasn't my doing, I don't know who pulled me out." "Lying's a sin," Flo retorts and oh, Flo, honey. If you only knew how little these two mendacious bastards cared about that. Oy. "The tsuris?!" Raoul shrieks, trying to be helpful. The tsuris indeed, my scaly friend. The tsuris indeed. "I'm not lying," Dean claims, and for once in his life, he's actually not, which is something Flo picks up on almost immediately. Visibly thrown for a loop, she darts her eyes from one brother to the other before regaining her demonic composure and threatening to drag Dean back to Hell herself. Probably by those perky nipples of his, too. Sam starts in his chair as if to make with some of his all-powerful Anti-Christ mojo, but Dean shoots out a calming hand before calling Flo on her bluff. And a bluff it appears to be, for when Dean challenges her to bring it -- believing Flo's too terrified of the entity responsible for his salvation to do so -- Flo's hesitation almost seems to indicate that she's not so much afraid to harm him as she is incapable of harming him for whatever reason, and she knows it. She's clearly frightened of something, that's for damn sure, but whether it's Sam, Dean, Castiel, or all three, it's impossible to know. Mainly because she keeps her lips tightly zipped about the whole thing, even after Dean slaps her -- hard -- twice across the face, but whatever. Having called her bluff, Dean pissily drops some cash down on the table for the pie before he and Sam waltz right on out of the joint.

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