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The Hardy Boys: Now On A Mission From God!

Out on the sidewalk, Sam proposes they rid the world of Flo and her companions immediately, but Dean's determined to summon Castiel first, despite what the mere sight of his face did to Show Barnes, so it's back to...

...The Astoria, where the room's ceiling mirrors reveal Dean to have zonked out upon the vermin-infested sofa, and when you think about it, it's about damn time he finally collapsed. They've been on the road for, what, three days straight now? In any event, Sam makes sure his brother's asleep, and then The Ginormotron tippy-toes out of there to sneak back to...

...steal the Impala and motor off into the damp night? Dude. Sam's stealing the car after douching it up with an iPod that plays nothing but tuneless Emofag? It's The Third Sign Of The Apocalypse. It has to be.

Meanwhile, back on the vermin-infested sofa, Dean slumbers peacefully until the room's television set grows tired of being ignored and switches itself on of its own accord, just out of spite. The bedside clock radio gets in on the act, and soon enough, Dean's rubbing the sleep and the lice from his eyes to wonder what gives. He barely has time to realize what's going on and leap from the sofa to retrieve a sawed-off shotgun when the televisual snow and the murmuring cacophony of voices from the radio coalesce into that high-pitched whine from before, and as the mirrors above him crack under the sonic assault, Dean crumples to his knees with his hands clapped over his ears. And then? The windows blow in, the mirrors crash to the ground, and Dean just barely escapes grievous bodily injury from all of the glass flying around in the air as Bobby barges into the room to scream Dean's name all the way into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Back from the break, Dean and Bobby process through recent events in the Chevelle just as Sam rings Dean's cell from the Impala. The Foul Fiend And Great Dissembler then LIES to The Stumpy Little Bow-Legged Lamb Of God regarding his current whereabouts and motivations, but that's okay, because Jesus flings a few similar LIES of his own back at The Anti-Christ. Once they've hung up on each other, Deceitful Sammy and His Gross Hair glower at Johnny Mac's. DUN!

Over in the Chevelle, Blessed Bobby castigates Our Dean And Saviour for the latter's LYING ways, but Sneaky Jesus explains he just didn't want Sam to worry about what he and Bobby are about to do. Which, you know: Summon Castiel. This summoning bullshit's news to Bobby, but as Dean's currently in possession of The Knife That Can Kill Anything And Actually Does, Bobby begins to feel better about the entire plan. Or not.

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