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The Hardy Boys: Now On A Mission From God!

"How'd you bust out?" Bobby breathes once they've broken apart. "I don't know," Dean shrugs, turning to place the silver knife on the kitchen table before continuing, "I just woke up in a pine box..." Dean literally splutters to a stop at this point because Bobby's quite awesomely splashed an entire flask's worth of holy water all over Dean's head. Hee. Dean, loudly dripping, executes an actual spit take before turning back to Bobby to grumble, "I'm not a demon, either, you know." He does now, Stumpy. Hee!

A moment later, the two pass into Bobby's den, with the master of the house still struggling with what Dean's just told him. "Your chest was ribbons!" Bobby protests. "Your insides were slop AND you've been buried for four months!" Raoul, stop it. "What?!" Dude, I can hear you salivating. "Oh, my most sincere apologies, I'm sure!" Oy. So, while Raoul dabs a hasty napkin against his impressive maw, Bobby wonders, "Even if you could slip out of Hell and back into your meatsuit..." "...I should look like a Thriller video reject," Dean finishes for him, and that line's...not terribly funny at all, so we'll pretend I did not in fact just highlight it by transcribing it into this recap and keep this thing going, shall we? "Let's!" You missed a spot. "Ooops!" Long story short, Dean remembers nothing of his sojourn Down Below, so they focus their attention on tonight's next bit of business: Darling Sammy, and The Ginormotron's current whereabouts. The first number Dean dialed, you see, was his brother's, and Bobby's forced to admit that despite his best efforts, he lost contact with Sam "months ago," though Bobby's pretty sure Sam's still alive. You must understand that the fifteen-foot-tall freak of nature snapped after Dean died, insisting they bury rather than burn the corpse because, according to Bobby, Dean "would need a body when [Sam] got [him] back home somehow." College Boy then got all broody and sullen -- like, there's something new -- and just took off one day, and Bobby hasn't heard from him since. "Oh, Me!" Jesus Christ pretty much grumbles to Himself in disgust once he realizes what Sam's done. Dean's convinced Darling Sammy worked some fancy black mojo to pull Dean out of Hell, you see, and he's got the nuked-out gravesite, the shattered fill-up, and the brand on his shoulder to prove it. He's completely wrong about it all, of course, but it's enough for Bobby, and the next thing we know...

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