Let It Bleed

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The Hardy Boys Tell Lies, and I Got Proof

The Brat snaps to, and no sooner have they reached the warehouse's main floor than yet another of Crowley's minions rushes forward to attack. The Brat, much to his credit, promptly blasts the minion full of holes, and they continue on their merry way, with Short-Dick El Deano carrying the grievously injured Bendy Lisa in his arms. The Brat takes out a couple more minions somewhere off-camera, if those quick-repeating muzzle flashes are anything to go by, and after Short-Dick El Deano frees the freshly arisen Sam from the latter's temporary prison, the quartet scampers out into the alleyway, where Sam hotwires a product-placed Chrysler Jeep Liberty four-door compact sport utility vehicle. Synergy! "Hooray!" Except for the fact that, you know, they just showed us how easy those things are to steal. "Rats! [Slurp!]" The four pile into the car, and Leadfoot Sammy speeds off into this episode's final METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Hospital. Bendy Lisa's unconscious and hooked up to a ventilator, among other things, and when Short-Dick El Deano attempts to apologize to The Brat, The Brat simply gifts him with an icy glare by way of reply before leaping to his petulant feet and stomping out into the hallway. Castiel quietly materializes, looking guilty, and after his short-dick ex-boyfriend berates and blames him for Bendy Lisa's impending demise, My Sweet Baboo calmly steps over and places his palm on Bendy Lisa's forehead. "She's fine now," Castiel confirms, just in case you're new and couldn't figure out what he was doing, and he quietly moves to make his exit from the scene when Short-Dick El Deano suddenly blurts out, "There's one more thing you can do for me!" Castiel turns back to face him, waiting expectantly, and the next thing we know...

...Bendy Lisa's waking up, sans ventilator tubes shoved down her throat, so I'm guessing Castiel's solution to this particular problem involved far more than a simple mind-wipe of Bendy Lisa and The Brat. Ooops! Spoiler! Yeah, Bendy Lisa wakes up, The Brat explains they were in a car accident that left him unscathed but Bendy Lisa with a mild concussion, and then Short-Dick El Deano edges his way into the room from the hall to check in on them. "Who are you?" asks The Brat, for he has been mind-wiped. "Dean," Short-Dicked El Deano answers honestly before LYING, "I'm the guy who hit you." "I lost control for a minute," he haltingly explains, "and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry." "I'm real happy you two are both doing okay," he adds, "and, uh, I'm glad your life can get back to normal right now." Bendy Lisa smiles at the apparent stranger in her hospital room rather than vowing to sue his reckless ass, and after she offers him a benediction of sorts, he turns to go. The instant he reaches the hall, the waterworks start, and Short-Dicked El Deano blinks back tears for a bit before heading outside.

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