Let It Bleed

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The Hardy Boys Tell Lies, and I Got Proof

Out in The Emporium's yard, Our Intrepid Heroes watch as Bobby tools off into the night, after which they summon Balthazar, who obligingly flutters in accompanied by several shattering junkyard streetlights, as is his wont. Belthazor's his usual snippy self until Darling Sammy shouts out, "Crowley's alive!" Belthazor looks taken aback by the news for all of one hot second before he pulls himself together and nonchalantly LIES, "Well, you've been scooped! [Your adorably rumpled little boyfriend] already told me!" "Well," Dean snorts as he takes a few slow, deliberate steps to push himself all up in Belthazor's grille, "did [my adorably rumpled little ex-boyfriend] tell you he's Crowley's butt buddy?" Aw. Dean's just jealous! "Poor thing! [Slurp!] The green-eyed monster can be most debilitating, I'm sure!" Perhaps, Raoul, but Dreary El Deano, here, is at least being sort of cute about it. "Hooray! [Slurp!]" So, long story short, Our Intrepid Heroes fill Belthazor in on recent events, and Belthazor LIES that he's been in on My Sweet Baboo's grand plan the entire season, but the prodigal angel does agree to flutter off to have a chat with Dean's heavenly ex regarding Bendy Lisa and The Brat, mainly because Dean's now refusing even to speak to Castiel. Petulant bitch. "Don't give up, you charming little bandy-legged thing! [Slurp!] There are other fish in the sea! L'amour! L'AMOUR!" Volume! "Oh, I do apologize, I'm sure! I just got carried away, I suppose! Hee!"

Somewhere else, Bobby's already arrived at the home of the world's foremost Lovecraftian ├╝bergeek, "Judah," who appears to be living in his mother's basement. Go figure. There's a lot of intense and intensely boring blathering on Judah's part regarding Lovecraft's literary bona fides before the two finally sit down to chat, and it becomes apparent during the conversation that follows that Bobby's there because Judah for some reason just happens to own a mighty whack of Lovecraft's personal correspondence. At one point, Bobby mentions March 10th, 1937, and Judah starts hopping around, all excited, because Bobby's the second so-called journalist to ask about the events of that particular evening in as many days. Yep, My Sweet Baboo beat Bobby to the punch, but Bobby nevertheless soldiers on, prevailing upon Judah to tell him what he told Castiel, and basically, Lovecraft and six of his bestest buddies gathered that evening to perform a ritual they hoped would open a portal into another dimension. The ritual evidently failed, as documented in several letters Judah managed to acquire over the years, but wouldn't you know it? When Judah leaps up to fetch those letters for Bobby's perusal, he finds that they're gone. "Well," Bobby smiles tightly, rising to leave, "it's not like an invisible guy could just pop in and steal them, right?" Of course right.

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