Let It Bleed

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The Hardy Boys Tell Lies, and I Got Proof

...Castle Crowley, where Castiel immediately berates his partner in crime for absconding with Bendy Lisa and The Brat. Crowley casually points out that while Castiel forbid him from messing with Our Intrepid Heroes, Castiel said nothing about messing with Our Intrepid Heroes' significant others, and so Crowley "merely exploited the obvious loophole" in order to keep Castiel's "fop-coiffed little heroes" off their collective back. "You should have talked to me first," Castiel seethes. "I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission," Crowley smirks. The subsequent conversation quickly descends into a shouty round of bitchy bickering, with Crowley eventually roaring something about holding on to Bendy Lisa and The Brat until My Sweet Baboo finds Purgatory. Just then, the voices in Castiel's head start screaming, so he bids Crowley a temporary farewell and flutters on over to...

...a forest clearing somewhere moist and remote, where he finds Belthazor waiting for him. Belthazor, bless him, wastes little time getting down to business by immediately demanding to know, "Are you in flagrante with The King Of Hades?" "Of course not," Castiel LIES. Belthazor calls him on it, and the two natter endlessly at each other for several very long moments during which I zone out and enjoy the scenery, and by that I mean I enjoy the actual scenery around them, for this damp glade with its babbling brook is just ridiculously picturesque. And by the time I've returned my attention to their chattering, Castiel's admitted to his nefarious scheme, leading Belthazor to warn that Purgatory's souls represent "too much juice" for wee little Castiel to handle. "You'll explode," Belthazor predicts, "taking a substantial chunk of the planet with you." "Kinky!" Quiet, Raoul. "Hee! [Slurp!]" Castiel testily insists that won't happen, then fires back a demanding inquiry of his own: "Are you with me, or not?" Belthazor lets loose with an insouciant chuckle, then concedes, "You may be certifiable, but fine: In for a penny, in for a pound." Belthazor's loyalty thus assured, Castiel wonders how his compatriot found out about his nefarious scheme in the first place. "Your howler monkeys, of course," Belthazor replies, adding, "See, they're just a touch worked up about that kidnapping business, you know?" Castiel would offer his fellow angel a few soothing words of reassurance, I'm sure, were it not for the fact that we must now follow along as everything cuts awkwardly to...

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