Let It Bleed

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The Hardy Boys Tell Lies, and I Got Proof

...One Of Rhode Island's Finer Insane Asylums. Once again, Bobby arrives to discover Castiel's already been there, but fortunately, the elderly gent he's there to interview doesn't mind telling his story all over again. You see, his story about what happened on the night of March 10th, 1937, is what got him locked up in the first place, and after seventy-four years, he's just glad someone finally believes him. I'm thinking this is all meant to be terribly poignant and whatnot, but let's face it: There's still an hour and a half to go in this double-episode season finale, so I'll be keeping this brief. Long story short, Lovecraft and his bestest friends actually did open a portal into another dimension that long-ago evening, and something managed to escape into our world, but this elderly gent's the only person who noticed, and only because The Thing immediately took possession of his mother's body. "It went into her," the elderly gent mourns, "and she wasn't the same -- she even smelled different!" Mama Old Guy then vanished, never to be seen again, but The Elderly Gent still has a photo of her, and would Bobby like to take a look at it? He would indeed, and while the image itself is obscured from the audience's view for the moment, we can see that the back has been labeled "Eleanor -- 1935." Bobby examines the portrait for a moment, goes all wide-eyed with surprise, and growls, "I'll be damned!"

Delirious El Deano's Happy Inquisitionin' Hut. He's only just now getting around to interrogating that bald guy we last saw him with, and because he's so strung out on the caffeine and the booze and the horse tranquilizers and whatnot, he doesn't notice that the sole of his boot has scratched out a break in the Devil's Trap. D'OH! The bald guy more or less immediately rips free from his bonds while telekinetically flinging Delirious El Deano ass-over-end into a nearby van. The bald guy then hoists Dean up into the air in a chokehold, and great is the demonic speechifying that transpires until My Sweet Baboo flutters in from points unknown to fry the guy's brain clear out of his skull with one simple touch of his angelic hand. The bitterly feuding ex-boyfriends then just stand around, desperately attempting to avoid eye contact until the METAL TEETH CHOMP! trundles in to screech, "AWWWK-WAAAAAARD!" "Hey! He stole my line!" Drink your juice, Shelby. "Okay! [Slurp!]"

Delirious El Deano's Happy Inquisitionin' Hut. Aftermath. Dean's all, "Hey," and Castiel's all, "Hey," and then they sort of stare sullenly at each other for a while until Dean goes, "So...?" and Castiel's all, "Yeah," and then they stare at each other some more until we finally get to the point of this scene. Or something like that. After an eon of head-hammeringly dull chit-chat on The Grand Theme Of Familial Fealty, Castiel vows to free Bendy Lisa and The Brat. Of course, there's a condition attached, and that condition is for Dean to stand behind Castiel's decision to suck as many souls as he can out of Purgatory. Dean snaps back that Castiel's condition pretty much represents the "same damn ransom note" Crowley passed along during their earlier phone conversation, and he seethingly suggests that both Crowley and Castiel should kiss his ass. My Sweet Baboo realizes this scene is pointless, and silently flutters away, leaving Delirious El Deano to brood alone with nothing but his artfully lit Corpse Pile to keep him company.

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