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The Hardy Boys Vanquish The Charmed Ones

"Thank God that's over with!" shrieks Raoul, tremendously disheartened by the way yet another initially promising episode fell apart halfway through. "I'd like a drink!" In a moment, my scaly friend -- remember, we have to cover next week's promo first. "Oooh! Can I? CanIcanIcanI?!" If you must. "Whee! Gather close, my pretties!"

"So, next week, that dear little hairy man with all the trucker caps is in a coma! I know! And he apparently keeps having all sorts of positively horrendous coma-related dreams that are absolutely killing him dead! So, it's left to those darling young men we all know and like so much to save him! And how do they manage that, I hear all my pretties asking?! Well, how should I know?! It's not like anyone around here ever tells me anything! Honestly! The way they treat me is simply scandalous! But no matter, my lovelies, because it's time for cocktails! Booze for everyone! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" Say goodnight, Raoul. "Goodnight, Raoul! Hee! I always wanted to do that!" Oy.

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