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The Hardy Boys Vanquish The Charmed Ones

So, long story short, because we've suddenly found ourselves in the middle of an exposition-heavy bridge episode, here's what Princess Sparkle has to say for herself: Sam and Dean -- but most especially Sam, since he's the one she really cares about, especially because Dim Dean's about to check out permanently, thereby leaving his ginormous revenant of a brother otherwise utterly defenseless -- have to exit town, pronto, because the dark demonic force supporting the frigging coven is way more than Our Intrepid Heroes can handle. Dean's not pleased in the least to be hearing any of this crap, especially from a "black-eyed skank" like Princess Sparkle here, and so starts getting very, very LOUD with her until his itchy trigger finger finally slips into action. Sam, who of course possesses a certain amount of grudging trust in the demonette because of her earlier promise to him, howls, "NO!" and manages to bat The Fucking Colt away from Ruby's face at the last instant. As the gunshot reverberates though the night, Our Dear Boys swing themselves back around, only to discover that Ruby's vanished. Ooops! Also? METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Later that evening, Our Intrepid Heroes arrive at this week's motel, which seems to have a free-floating Man Of La Mancha vibe about it, which unfortunately is one of the most interesting aspects of the scene that follows, as said scene is full of shouts of betrayal! and stupidity! and reminders of War! and The Deal! among other examples of rampant internecine douchebaggery, so long story short, Sam's going to keep on trusting Princess Sparkle, and there's nothing Dean can do about it, so there, and la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Sam can't hear you, Dean! Dean, for his part, finally -- finally -- confronts his brother over that whole Zombie Sam's Only 99.44% Pure stuff that's been lingering since last season's finale, and Sam -- bless him -- admits that yeah, he's been a little more eager for bloodshed recently, but only because Dean's about to leave him to go to Hell, and Sam's "got to stay here in this craphole of a world, alone," and must therefore make a conscious effort to toughen himself up to El Deano levels of bad-assery if he's to survive. Dean's about to have a smart answer for that when he unexpectedly doubles over in pain. Ruh-roh. Sam immediately starts ransacking their room in search of the hex bag he knows is present, even going to far as to rip the mattress open with a knife, but alas! He finds nothing, so as Dean begins choking and gagging and vomiting blood onto the linoleum, Sam grabs The Fucking Colt, snatches up the car keys, and the next thing we know, he's...

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