Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

Episode Report Card
Demian: C- | 2 USERS: C
The Hardy Boys Experience Acute Renal Failure

That ended up being hideously boring. Raoul? "Yes?!" What's holding up those damn flagons? "Coming right up! Hee!" Thank God for that.

Next week, Our Intrepid Heroes crash through a wall to discover they've landed in an alternate dimension where their various friends and acquaintances know them as a couple of actors named "Jensen Ackles" and "Jared Padalecki." It could very well end up being quite delicious in its horribleness. See you then! "Kisses, my pretties! [Slurp!] Kisses!"

Demian would never give you one of his kidneys. Raoul is of the opinion that this is not necessarily such a bad thing. "Do you know what he's done to them?!" You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet.

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