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The Hardy Boys Keep Losin', When They Oughta Not Bet

Nebraska, and what's that I spy clotting up on the campaign headquarters floor? "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Yes, My Godly Baboo suddenly snaps awake to find himself practically swimming in a lake of the good stuff, and when he pushes himself up onto his unsteady feet, he finds himself surrounded by a score of nubile young corpses, each with its throat most garishly ripped out. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" And once again, I gotta hand it to My Godly Baboo, 'cause this is definitely another good start. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" I'm so happy this development pleases you as well, my scaly friend. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Unfortunately, Castiel is horrified by what he's done, but before he can flee, The Voices In My Godly Baboo's Head start screaming again, and that's our cue to scuttle back over to...

...Bobby's Backwoods BORING!, where an agitated Sam finds a studiously unconcerned Dean kicking back with glass full of whiskey and a laptop full of "Asian cartoon porn." Mention is made of Sam's latest LIES, but as I believe I've already noted: BORING!, so let's keep this short, shall we? "We shall!" Excellent. So, basically, Dean's given up because he knows they can't force My Godly Baboo to vomit all those souls back down into Purgatory, and what's the point? But Sam's all fired up to give Death's plan a whirl because... something about Castiel still being a really, really good guy deep inside, but I am so beyond caring at this point, so whatever. Just then, Dean's laptop newsfeed horks up some grainy security-cam video of My Godly Baboo moments before he embarked upon his awesome Nebraska massacre. Dean silently observes the manic, infernal glint in Video Castiel's eye for a moment, then decides that My Sweet Baboo is now beyond all hope and reasoning. Sam sighs.

Moments later, we join Sam as he strolls out to the middle of the junkyard, where he lifts his eyes up to the heavens to pray for Castiel to return, and I'd transcribe the heartfelt little speech Darling Sammy delivers at this juncture, but we all know the exact words will never matter because we all know that regardless of what he actually says, My Godly Baboo will listen and respond appropriately, because not only have we all seen TV shows before, we've also all seen this goddamned motherfucking unkillable TV show many, many, many times before, and where the hell was I, again? "I have no idea!" Crap. Is this scene over yet? "I believe it is!" Excellent.

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