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The Hardy Boys Keep Losin', When They Oughta Not Bet

Emporium Kitchen. Sam returns from outdoors, and there follows a bit of amusing business regarding Dean's laptop full of Asian cartoon porn -- the sound effects are an especially nice touch -- but that's not important right now because what is important right now is the fact that Castiel has indeed listened to that heartfelt little speech I will never be bothered to transcribe, ever, and is now responding appropriately by fluttering in from Nebraska all blood-soaked and gore-streaked to beg for their forgiveness, even though he's still got at least 280 former colleagues of the late, unlamented "Michele Walker" to take out. "I need help!" My Godly Baboo bleats, just before slumping down into this evening's next METAL TEETH CHOMP! and oh, my Baboo, will this episode NEVER END?

Fade up on the facade of Crowley's Laboratory, above which hangs -- as Death had earlier promised -- a foreboding lunar eclipse, already in progress. We quickly duck inside to find My Godly Baboo slumped down on the floor, all broken and battered, yet still with just enough strength left to call all the shots. He sends Sam off down a darkened hallway to fetch a jar of that special blood they used in the season finale's portal-opening ceremony, then turns his attention to Dean so they might chat -- AGAIN, SOME MORE -- about recent events, and long story short, Castiel apologizes for being such an awesome deity even though he absolutely has nothing at all to apologize for. Dean, rudely enough, blows said apology off, and something tells me he'll be in a world of hurt over that very, very soon, but we can't deal with all of that right now, for we must instead scamper...

...down that darkened hallway to chase after Sam, who's already managed to find that jar of extra-special season-finale portal-opening blood. Just as he turns to head back into the laboratory proper, though, um... how does that Internet thingy go? "Surprise Lucifer Is Surprising"? Did I get that right? "I have no idea what you're talking about!" Ever the helpful little houseguest, aren't you, Raoul? "Always!" ANY-way, so, yeah: They spring Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer on us five goddamned minutes before this goddamned episode's supposed to fucking end, but because Mark Pellegrino is quite often a welcome presence on my TV screen, I can't really get all that pissed off about it. Oh, hell, who am I kidding? Anyone aside from the regular gang of idiots on this show would be a welcome presence on my damn TV screen at this point, with the probable exception of Charisma Fucking Carpenter. "Um...! Um...!" Yes, Raoul? "Oh, nothing! Hee!"

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