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The Hardy Boys Keep Losin', When They Oughta Not Bet

Anyway, Bobby hisses for Sam and Dean to take his lead lest they end up smeared all over the laboratory walls like the late, unlamented Raphael, but barely have the boys lowered themselves onto the shards of glass now littering the laboratory floor when My Godly Baboo gets all pissily overdramatic with his moany, "Well, what's the point if you don't mean it?" What's the point, indeed, my fine feathery friend? Of any of this? Castiel doesn't answer me because Castiel never answers me no matter how fervently I pray to him, and instead chooses to note, correctly, that the boys plus the hairball harbor little but fear for him at the present moment, rather than the love and respect to which he believes he's entitled. He orders Bobby up off the latter's kneepads, curtly dismisses faithless Sammy's feeble overtures of friendship, and proceeds to bring everyone involved up to speed on his elevated situation and glorious intentions and whatnot, and long story short, My Godly Baboo will suffer these fools to live for the moment, but only if they not "rise up" against him. Darling Sammy chooses to get a little woozy at this juncture, and we're reminded of the fact that Castiel sent the poor lad's Wall a-tumbling down not so long ago, which allows Dashing El Deano to get all uppity and snarl, "You promised you would fix him!" "If you stood down," Castiel icily replies before adding a snippy, "Which you hardly did!" for good measure. My Godly Baboo then mildly suggests Sam be grateful for the "mercy" Castiel's shown him thus far, for it is well within Castiel's power to cast Sam back down into The Pit. Or The Cage. Or The Cage Within The Pit. Whichever. Desperate El Deano pleads with Castiel to "turn this around," now, before it's too late, but My Godly Baboo's all, "See ya! NOT!" and flutters the hell on out of there to begin his thrilling reign over Heaven and Earth.

And once he's gone, Darling Sammy gets a nosebleed and flashes back to the flaming good times he had down in The Cage with Michael, Lucifer, and his hapless bastard of a half-brother no one talks about anymore before collapsing to the floor, where he slices his heretofore remarkably healthy hand open on one of those aforementioned shards of glass now littering the tiles. It's all so terribly dramatic, I'm sure, and I'd linger upon it for an appropriate amount of time so we might appreciate the horror inherent in the moment and whatnot, but My Godly Baboo's up to something far more dastardly and entertaining, I'm sure, so let's flutter off to join him in...

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