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The Hardy Boys Keep Losin', When They Oughta Not Bet

Deep within the lush coastal rainforests of southeastern BORING!, ominous tinkly noises once again assail the soundtrack, and before we know it, a massive chain rattles down from the kitchen ceiling, snakes itself tightly around Darling Sammy's remarkably healthy neck, and violently yanks The Ginormotron skyward, where Darling Sammy kicks and flails and chokes and struggles until...

...he abruptly snaps awake atop a pile of research, a long string of drool connecting his slackjawed mouth to one of Bobby's no-doubt priceless antiques. Sam freaks, and bellows for both his brother and his host, but unfortunately, they're out in...

...the garage, playing around with the Impala. They presently settle down with a couple of beers to chat -- AGAIN, SOME MORE -- this time acknowledging that Something's Not Quite Right With Darling Sammy, and as Darling Sammy himself tippy-toes in from across the yard to eavesdrop, Dean rages manfully about their collective plight, or something, until Sam decides he's heard enough and hollers out, "Hey!" Dean and Bobby of course get all, "Shhh! Here he comes now!" but that's not important at the moment because what is important at the moment is Sam's news that "a publishing house literally exploded an hour ago." As "the body count is really getting up there," Sam's decided they'd better do something about the whole Godly Baboo issue, and fast. The three bang their empty heads together in a desperate attempt to knock out a solution or two, and mention is made of the late, unlamented Balthazar's "Heavenly arsenal" before Dean gets An Idea.

Cut to the Emporium basement, where the boys plus Bobby summon Crowley so the four might chat -- AGAIN, SOME MORE -- and I'm gonna keep this brief. "Hooray!" Long story short, Dean demands Crowley provide them with "a spell to bind Death," and Crowley agrees to do so. Wow. That was easier than I thought it would be. Oh, I should probably note that Crowley dismissively addresses Sam as "you giraffe" at one point, because that was mildly amusing, I done here? "You are!" Wonderful.

Out on some random street, My Godly Baboo restores a blind beggar's sight, I done here, too? "I think you are!" Oh, wait. "Rats!" Before doing so, My Godly Baboo bemoans his lot in life, or something, whining about how he's so downtrodden and misunderstood and wah, and afterwards, when the now-sighted beggar notices that his benefactor's irritating hand-rash has spread to Castiel's face, My Godly Baboo is forced to beat a hasty retreat to...

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