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The Hardy Boys Face The Strange Ch-Ch-Changes
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THEN! Dean goes back to the future and meets his parents when they were but young lovers. YED stands over baby Sam's crib and bleeds into his mouth, causing Sam to turn out rather outsized, but dooming him to a piss poor appetite for the rest of his life. Sam lies, because that's what Winchesters do best -- telling Dean he hasn't been using his powers, while he's been conducting silent exorcisms on the sly. Castiel tells Dean that although they know what Azazel did to Sam, they don't know why, and then he gets serious. "Your brother is headed down a dangerous road, Dean, so stop it. Or we will." Dean glares at Castiel so hard his eyes fall out.

NOW! Last week's episode ended with a "To be continued..." card, so the newcomer might be expecting the second half of a two-parter. The old-timer calls the newcomer a sucker, knowing we'll be lucky to get any continuity at all. Guess what, old-timer; it's your special day! Maybe you should play the lottery, hit a casino, or if you're feeling extra lucky, buy some stock.

At a dingy warehouse, Ruby and Sam hold a demon captive; it is tied to a chair set under a Devil's Trap. Sam wants to know where Lilith is, but his prisoner just says, "Kiss my ass." Sam tells it to watch itself. How would one watch oneself kiss one's ass, never mind actually kiss...oh. Okay. Anyhow, the demon figures it has nothing to lose, probably because it has nothing to lose. "Why, huh? Because you're Sam Winchester -- Mr. Hero, and yet here you are slutting around with some demon. Real hero." Sam tells him to shut his mouth, and I kick him, because I want this cleared up once and for all. Mr. Demon, when you say 'slutting around' are you being figurative, if crude, or is something more going on with those two than backstreet hunting? The demon completely ignores me, damn that thing, and keeps up with the non-specific taunting. "Tell me about all those months without your brother -- about all the things you and this demon bitch do in the dark. Tell me, Hero."

Sam, unlike Ruby, has several facial expressions. She's been holding the impenetrable steady deadly gaze of I Might Be Dead Inside But Who Knows. Our boy, though -- he's flaring and contracting his nostrils, so either he's incensed, or holding in a sneeze. He stretches out his enormous right hand, and the demon is exorcised from its host before we get the dirt. No fair, Sam. Hey, are your silent exorcisms in any way related to silent birth, because they are so different from other exorcisms in this series. When a demon leaves a host under its own steam, or via the exorcism rite found in the Rituale Romanum, it flies upward out of the body at great speed. During your new, improved exorcisms, the hosts appear to have the dry heaves, and the black fog of evil essence descends to the floor, and scorches it. Sam ignores me. He's "busy" or whatever. After it's over, the victim/host collapses; and Ruby smiles. Okay, that's an overstatement. There was definite eye movement, though. Sam almost smiles back, but he's still winded, and it's not like she gave him much to go on. We see something lurking in the shadows of the warehouse. That something is Dean! Sammy's in trouble, now. I ask Dean if he saw that. He doesn't answer, but from the angry look on his face, I'd say that's a yes. Crows caw, a woman screams and the wing-y title card flaps its way onto the screen.

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