Mommie Dearest

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What Are Hardy Boys Doing In This Closet?

...Chez Silver just in time to catch Sam and Bobby descending from the porch, fresh from ransacking the place. By the by, Bobby's toting a purloined photograph of the good doctor and his family, which includes a wife and two adolescent-ish boys. Just so you know. And right when they're about to hop into their stolen car to hook up with Dean and Castiel on the other side of town, the local sheriff pulls his prowler over to the curb and disembarks to wonder what gives. Bobby and Sam whip out some fake FBI IDs, and Sam LIES that they were on a case a couple of towns over when headquarters phoned to send them to the Silvers'. The local sheriff hopes it's nothing serious, and Bobby is sad to note that it probably is -- the good doctor and his entire family have apparently gone missing. In a successful attempt to extricate himself from this unnecessary conversation as quickly as possible, Bobby suggests the sheriff put out an APB on the family, after which Bobby and Sam will join the sheriff down at the station to "compare notes." The sheriff happily agrees to this plan, leaving Bobby and Sam free to motor off to...

...The Dead Douchetard's dilapidated frat house, where they find Dean and his angelic boyfriend already casing the joint from the other side of the street. Our Intrepid Heroes briefly compare notes, then decide to head inside to question The Dead Douchetard's roommates. Of course, there's a problem: "Does Ed Bright have a brother?" My Sweet Baboo wonders. "No," Bobby gruffs. "Why?" "Then that's not his twin?" Castiel asks, hitching his head in the general direction of the frat house. The boys plus Bobby look across the street, where they spot an exact replica of The Dead Douchetard banging his rapidly deteriorating body against the house's bay windows from within. DUN! "'Shifter?" Sam uneasily guesses. "I don't know what we're looking at!" Bobby unhelpfully exasperates, so it's left to Our Intrepid Heroes to investigate.

Dean kicks in the front door, and he and his brother make with the Tough-Guy Jazz-Hands through the frat house foyer until they turn a corner to find...five Dead Douchedoubles strewn about the floor in various states of decay! Dun-dun-DUN! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" That, too. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Sam and Dean gaze with horror and dismay and such until they vanish into this evening's first CHOMP!-less commercial break.

Den Of The Douchedoubles. Immediate aftermath. One of the Douchedoubles is actually still alive -- barely -- so Our Intrepid Heroes rush to his side to pepper him with questions, and long story short, this Douchedouble is actually Douchetard Number Two from the top of the hour, and while neither he nor Our Intrepid Heroes know what happened to him at this point, the audience can easily surmise that Mother infected the first Douchetard with something he subsequently passed on to his fraternity brothers, all of whom morphed into carbon copies of Mr. Bright before dropping dead when every single organ system in their bodies decided to liquefy. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" And then the Douchedouble dies. Fortunately, he did manage to choke out enough information to send the boys plus Bobby and Castiel on their next mission to...

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