Mommie Dearest

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What Are Hardy Boys Doing In This Closet?

Meanwhile, back in the interrogation room, Bobby's having absolutely no luck beating a confession out of the sheriff, so it doesn't really matter much when Our Intrepid Heroes interrupt the proceedings to inform My Sweet Baboo of their plans to escort The Imminent Corpses over to Rogue River or Applegate or wherever. Castiel, because he is not an idiot, thinks this is an awful idea, and upbraids Dean for putting the needs of these few Imminent Corpses over the needs of the hundreds of thousands of people Mother's apparently intent on slaughtering. Dean, alas, no longer goes for that touchy-feely self-help "Greater Purposes" crap, bitch, so he and Sam gather up The Imminent Corpses and flounce on out to their car. My Sweet Baboo pouts. Awwwwwww!

There follows a tedious nighttime driving sequence that does not involve the Impala, so I'll be ignoring it. Next!

Back in Grants Pass, Castiel broods rather prettily all by his lonesome behind a Venetian blind until Bobby tiptoes up behind him to dispense with an entirely unnecessary pep-talk. My Sweet Baboo responds to Bobby's feeble attempts at cheering him up with an adorable amount of bitchiness that only makes me love him more. Sigh. And after about a minute of this, My Badass Baboo retreats to the interrogation room to beat that hybrid freak of a sheriff until that hybrid freak of a sheriff gifts them with Mother's current coordinates.

First, however, we must hop over to Gold Hill or Eagle Point or wherever to watch as Our Intrepid Heroes reunite The Imminent Corpses with their soon-to-be-dead uncle. "Demian! Spoiler!" Oh, it's just a hunch. "Hee! Hooray!" Is this scene over yet? "It is!" Good. Next!

Station House. My Sweet Baboo politely asks for five minutes alone with their prisoner, despite the fact that -- as Bobby puts it -- his "batteries are dead." Bobby cordially retreats to the outer room to leave Castiel to his business, and one strangled off-screen shout of sheer agony later, My Badass Baboo is emerging from the interrogation room with bits of the sheriff's viscera coating his sweet little hands. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" "He said 25 Buckley Street," Castiel states, casually wiping the grue from his hands with a moist towelette. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" That's what I was gonna say, Raoul! "Hee!" Bobby quietly freaks himself all the way into this evening's first METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Back from the break, Dean eyes the sheriff's now-headless corpse -- "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" -- through the two-way mirror for a bit before turning to his fellows and distributing four of the ash-enhanced shotgun shells he banged together all those many scenes ago. Moments later, the quartet is approaching 25 Buckley Street, and it's...Ervin's Diner, where they just had breakfast! D'OH! "She's been in there this entire time?" Dean squeals, outraged. Sam wonders why she ever allowed them in -- or out, for that matter -- in the first place, while Bobby questions the sanity of entering so strategically disadvantageous a location. Dean quickly proposes he and Sam head into the diner to draw Mother out into the others' line of fire, and while Bobby makes with the expected whining about how stupid Dean's plan is, he has little choice but to loiter there under that streetlight with My Sweet Baboo while Our Intrepid Heroes stride purposefully across the street with a satchel filled with their various implements of demonic destruction. "Well, at least it ain't complicated," Bobby sighs, for no particular reason at all. Next!

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