Mother’s Little Helper

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Get Thee to a Nunnery, Hardy Boy

Sam catches wind of a weird murder in a small Illinois town. A woman killed her husband after he questioned her dinner choice, with no prior incident of violence between them. Dean would prefer to stay behind at the Lair O' Letters and keep hunting for Abaddon, so Sam heads off on his own. Before he can question the wife, though, she hangs herself in her cell. All she leaves behind are bloody scrawls she scratched into the walls with her bare fingers. Sam can find no hint of sulfur or unusual EMF readings, so he's a little bit stumped.

Meanwhile, Dean continues his research at the LOL. Or, well, that's what he tries to do, but he's so jittery after his encounter with the First Blade that all he can do is down booze. When he runs low, he heads to the local dive bar and resumes drinking there. Crowley shows up to taunt Dean about how much he wants to hold the blade again, and how much like Cain he really is. When Sam calls Dean for a consult, Dean lies about being on the job. Yep, yep, totally closing in on Abaddon here and not hanging out with Crowley at all!

More and more murders crop up in the little town. While Sam is at the police station, he meets an older woman named Julia who confides in him about demons. She was a young nun at Bonaventure Convent back in 1958, and she met demons in person. She also met a man named Henry Winchester and a woman named Josie, who were pretending to be a priest and nun for an exorcism. Through flashbacks, we learn that Abaddon was possessing the Mother Superior in order to take souls. Abaddon was going to possess Henry so she could learn about the Men of Letters, but Josie sacrificed herself to save him, and he never knew about it. That's how Abaddon ended up with her fabulous red-haired meatsuit. Now, in the present day, a possessed nun is continuing to harvest souls so that Abaddon can turn them into a demonic army. The soulless people left behind then turn into psycho killers. Luckily, Sam kills the evil nun and gets the souls back to their proper owners.

At the bar, Dean notices what he thinks is a newbie hunter trying to kill Crowley. Dean stops the guy, basically telling him that he's taking on way more than he can handle. In actuality, the guy is one of Crowley's minions, and Crowley sees the whole scenario as evidence that Dean wanted to save him. It's probably more that Dean didn't want to lose his one connection to the First Blade, but whatever. Scheming Crowley is much more fun than crying Crowley.

In the end, the Winchesters meet back up at the LOL. They decide to redouble their efforts to find Abaddon, realizing that they're fast running out of episodes before the finale, and one of those is a backdoor pilot for the new spin-off. Stay tuned for the full recap.





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