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The Cracky Boys Crack The Crack Crackman Of The Crackopacrack

And the next thing we know, Castiel's flipping one of the eviscerated human hearts around in his bare hand, only gradually noticing how messy that can get while pumping out a supertanker's worth of exposition onto Our Dear Boys' tantalizing derrieres. Long story short, the matching brands are "mark[s] of union," which from time to time are inscribed upon the hearts of humans who "were intended to mate" by members of "a lower order of angel" -- "cherub, third class," to be precise -- who are otherwise known to you and me as "Cupids," and they better be going somewhere non-sucky with all of this, or I'll have to hurl insults at Kripke's mom again. "'Cherub'?" Dean repeats, having the gall to get all incredulous about this development despite everything that's happened to him over the last two seasons. "You mean the little flying fat kid in diapers?" he continues, still not letting it go. Castiel, typically puzzled by the reference, takes a moment to note that cherubs are not known for their incontinence before rather impatiently clarifying that the evidence suggests "a cupid has gone rogue." "We have to stop him," Castiel growls, "before he kills again!" DUN!

Or not, as we eventually learn long after the action has shifted over to a valentine-bedecked singles' bar elsewhere in this never-named burg, so I'll do my best to get through what follows -- entertaining as these scenes might be -- as quickly as possible, okay? "...!" I said, "Okay?" "...!" Oh, the poor little lamb. He's still passed out from all of the awesome thus far, so we'll just let him recover while I deal with the wacky hijinks at hand. To begin with, Our Dear Boys plus My Sweet Baboo have ensconced themselves in a remote booth at the far end of this tawdry pickup joint, the better to keep an eye on all of the action, as singles' bars are -- as far as Cupids are concerned, at any rate -- "nexuses of human reproduction." Before we meet this evening's Cupid, however, I would be remiss were I not to note that Dean's ordered himself a delicious-looking bacon double cheeseburger, which he rather uncharacteristically pushes aside, untouched, mere seconds after the waitress has delivered it to their table. For his part, Castiel rather uncharacteristically stares hungrily at the thing before reaching across the table to chow down on it, but just as he's about to take a bite, he senses The Cupid's presence, so the three retreat into the bar's back storeroom, leaving yet another delicious-looking bacon double cheeseburger most woefully uneaten.

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