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What The Hardy Boys Impose, That Men Must Needs Abide

Meanwhile, over in the lush coastal rainforests of southeastern South Dakota, Ellen enters the Emporium study with news from Jo that thirty more Titanic descendants have died on the West Coast, and she blithely suggests that Sam and Dean should just have Castiel re-sink the ship. After all, she points out in an unconscious echo of one of Bobby's earlier lines, "dying bloody's not the same as never being born." Bobby, of course, freaks, and during the nicely played yet oddly filmed conversation that follows -- lots of bizarre close-ups on the actors eyes, here -- Bobby lets Ellen know exactly what would happen both to her and to her daughter should My Sweet Baboo shoot back to 1912 and correct the timeline. Ellen takes the news rather well, all things considered, and while Bobby insists they'll figure another way out of their current mess, Ellen seems to know better. Which, you know, means she's as good as dead. "[Sniffle!] [Slurp!] [Sob!]"

Back in Chester, the boys nervously put their Fate Bait plan into action, and what follows is a sequence both funny and recapper-proof that's set to Deborah Harry's "One Way Or Another," in which Our Intrepid Heroes skitter their tense way through a city park past such common and ordinary threats to life and limb as a clutch of impolite BMXers, a leash of snarling Alsatians, a duet of juggling buskers who specialize in flaming hatchets, and a particularly inconsiderate construction worker who's been armed with an industrial-strength nail gun. Despite their obvious unease, Sam and Dean somehow make it past each of these menaces unscathed, only to have a massive air conditioning unit drop from the sky onto their heads. "VIOLENCE!" Well, almost onto their heads, as Castiel clearly steps in to stop time right before the gigantic thing squishes Our Dear Boys into the pavement. "Rats! [Slurp!]" And after a few showy effects shots from various angles of the air conditioning unit suspended in mid-air above Sam and Dean, everything vanishes into tonight's penultimate METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Sidewalk. Immediate aftermath. We get a few more showy effect shots -- one of them featuring Sam and Dean's surprised faces reflected in the still-suspended air conditioning unit's shiny metal casing -- before My Sweet Baboo calmly wanders onto the scene. Atropos soon makes her presence known, and wow. The next four minutes consist of absolutely nothing more than Misha Collins and Katie Walder yammering away at each other in front of a green screen. "[Yawn!] [Slurp!]" My sentiments exactly, Raoul. Well, you know, without the booze. "Awwwww!" Yet. "Hooray! [Slurp!]" Granted, Katie Walder does a very nice job with what she's been given to play -- she's presenting Atropos as some sort of ├╝ber-Tracy Flick, and that's working just fine for me, thank you very much -- but as I am almost 100% certain we'll never be seeing this character again, you'll forgive me for cutting to the chase.

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