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What The Hardy Boys Impose, That Men Must Needs Abide

Basically, Atropos is pissed off because the abortive Apocalypse left her without a job, and as she has no identity independent of her literally God-given profession, she's been at an utter loss since the end of last season. She managed to keep it together, though, until Belthazor completely violated her sense of propriety by altering events already determined in the past, so she took it upon herself to eliminate every last one of the additional 50,000 people Belthazor's meddling created. Oh, and by the way? Belthazor didn't really un-sink the Titanic because he hates Celine Dion as much as the rest of us do -- he un-sank that boat under Castiel's orders, because My Sweet Baboo needed those 50,000 extra souls for that war he's waging against Raphael. Yeah, I really don't get that bit, either, but I guess we should probably keep that detail in mind, just in case the idiots responsible for this (mostly) tragic season decide to make it a plot point in the finale. At some point, Belthazor himself sneaks up behind Atropos with his Angel-Smiting Scimitar at the ready, but she icily warns both Belthazor and Castiel that, should anything happen to her, her two remaining sisters will stop at nothing until they've taken out My Sweet Baboo's "two favorite pets." Thus so left with no other choice, Castiel silently orders Belthazor to undo his handiwork, and as the three supernatural entities flash out of the scene, one of them apparently takes Our Intrepid Heroes with him, for when time restarts, that massive chunk of shiny metal slams down onto an otherwise empty sidewalk just as the METAL TEETH CHOMP! arrives to gnaw us all into this evening's final commercial break.

Lush Coastal Rainforests Of Southeastern South Dakota. Emporium Division, Lot Subdivision. As Celine's accursed caterwauling assaults our ears, the camera crawls alongside the gloriously restored Impala until it lands on Our Intrepid Heroes, who snooze side by side in the front seat. Dean snaps his eyes open with a sudden start and quickly switches off the radio before batting Sam awake with a fast backhand, after which he crawls from the car to blink up at the overcast sky. Sam soon climbs out after him and admits, "I just had the weirdest dream!" "Mine was weirder," Dean claims without bothering to hear word one of Sam's evidence to the contrary. And why? "Mine had the actual Titanic in it!" "Um," Sam begins, thoroughly freaked out, "did it not sink because Balthazar..." "...had a hate-on for Billy Zane?" Dean finishes, his eyes widening in horror. "Why are you having my dreams, dude?" he demands. Heh.

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