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What The Hardy Boys Impose, That Men Must Needs Abide

Castiel chooses this moment to announce his arrival, appearing off to one side to calmly inform them that it wasn't a dream, and that he personally ordered Belthazor back in time to set things right. "It was the only way to be sure you'd be safe," he adds. Both Sam and Dean are quite understandably flabbergasted that My Sweet Baboo would sacrifice fifty thousand people simply to protect them, but Castiel corrects them with his own echo of Bobby and Ellen's earlier sentiments regarding the whole Dying Versus Never Having Been Born thing. Speaking of which, he regretfully confirms that Ellen and Jo have gone back to being dead again while revealing that, though everyone else on the planet has no memory at all of the alternate timeline, he wanted Sam and Dean to retain some understanding of how "cruel and capricious" The Fates really are -- even though "cruel" and "capricious" are precisely the wrong words one would use to describe The Fates -- because Our Intrepid Heroes taught Castiel to value free will, and he wants them to understand what that really means. Or something like that. My Sweet Baboo then LIES to the boys' faces by claiming that Belthazor did, indeed, "unravel the sweater over a chick flick." "Might be time to take away his cable privileges," Dean jokes before admitting that the movie "didn't suck that bad," what with "Winslet's rack" and all, and by the time he's done with all of that nonsense, Castiel has fluttered away.

Sam and Dean reenter the Emporium proper to find Sad Bobby asleep on the study's sofa. Dean regards their slumbering host for a moment, then extracts a promise from Sam to keep news of this evening's events from Bobby forever -- ignorance being bliss and all that -- after which he crosses to cover the old hairball with a blanket. With that, Dean snaps off the light on the end table, and we finally fade to black.

Have you anything to add, Raoul? "I do not!" Do you want to handle the promo for next week's episode, then? "I do not!" Do you at least have a flagon on that goddamn drinks cart of yours for me? "I do not!" I assume, then, that you'll be rectifying that situation immediately? "But of course!"

Next week involves more time travel, this time with Sam and Dean somehow winding up in the Old West. Will it suck? Probably. Have fun, anyway!

Demian hates time-traveling episodes set in the Old West. Raoul is far too busy rectifying the unfortunate cocktail situation to offer his opinion on the subject at this point in time. You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet.

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