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The Hardy Boys Freeze Their Butts Off Waiting To Worship A Rat

...Huey Lewis And The News choad their way through "Back In Time" as Sam snaps open his eyes and bolts upright in bed. Dean, brushing his teeth at the sink, makes disparaging remarks regarding the station's choice in music this morning, but Sam's so overjoyed to discover Dean alive again that he leaps out of bed, takes one giant step to cross the entire length of the motel room's floor, and draws a startled Dean straight up into a tight and bone-crunching hug. Awwwww. "Dude, how many Tuesdays did you have?" Dean eyebrows over one of Sam's remarkably broad shoulders. "Enough," Sam whispers, looking wrecked. Sniff. Sam eventually pulls back to quiz Dean about the previous day's events, but all Dean remembers is their run-in with The Trickster. That's good enough for Sam, who informs Dean that they're leaving town, pronto, and that Dean is not to stray for one instant from Darling Sammy's sight until they're gone. Dean's understandably puzzled, but agrees to trust his brother on this one.

A short time later, Sam's zipping up his final bag as Dean heads over to the door. Something about Sam's relentlessly bleak demeanor makes him pause, however, and he asks, "Hey, you don't look so good -- something else happen?" "I just had a really weird dream," Sam LIES. "Clowns or midgets?" Dean jokes, trying to lighten the mood, even going so far as to offer Sam one of his dazzlingly cheerful smiles, but Traumatized Sammy and His Anguished Hair simply nod their collective head in response. Dean exits with Sam close behind, but The Sad Ginormotron takes one last moment to look around the motel room of his seemingly neverending despair, focusing in particular on his own unmade bed, before switching off the light and shutting the door on this episode for good.

Next week looks fantastic, as Our Intrepid Heroes are forced to team up with Special Agent Henriksen when That Thing rises in the west and amasses a horde of the demonically afflicted to take everyone out once and for all, Assault On Precinct 13-style. And don't forget that the evening begins with a repeat of the completely awesome "Nightshifter", so be sure to tune in at eight for the whole full-night experience. "It's going to be faaaaaaab-ulous, my pretties! Kisses!"

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