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The Hardy Boys Get the Night Sweats

Inside, Dean smiles as he delivers canned lines about the Lord's guidance. Their new man friend isn't having any of it, asking them to keep the "whole 'the Lord has a plan' thing" to a minimum. He then quickly exposits, "My brother is dead," just as Jim's wife walks in and admonishes him for his ungodliness: "Roger, please." Roger exits, and Simmons and Frehley move on to talk to the lady doing a Kathleen Turner circa Serial Mom impression. She apologizes for her brother-in-law while holding a casserole dish in her arms. She asks the boys if they'd like coffee.

Cut to Serial Mom pouring out the coffee and thanking Simmons and Frehley for stopping by. Dean pours it on thick: "Of course. After all, we are all God's children." Sam shoots him a look while fiddling with his collar. Serial Mom walks away, and Dean grabs a mini-wiener and pops it in his mouth. And that, my friends, is a literal recap of what happened on the screen. But I am shocked and dismayed, because what Michiganian in their right mind neglects to put the pigs in their blankets at a wake? As Dean chews his wiener, Sam lets out a disgusted chuckle: "Just tone it down, a little bit...Father." Hee. Serial Mom returns, and Dean talks to her with his mouth full of wiener. What? It. Is. What. Is. Happening. On. The. Screen. "So Mrs. Miller, did your husband have a history of depression?" She insists that they were "happy" and then tells them, in response to Sam's condolences on finding her husband "that way," that it was actually their son Max who found Jim. She gestures off screen and the camera follows her gesture, settling on the scary manboy sitting by himself in a corner. Sam offers to go talk to Max. Dean stays behind to make small talk with Serial Mom about her "lovely home." And I think this is exactly what the Baptists predicted. First the priesthood, then the wieners, then the interior decorating. Serial Mom is a bit perplexed by Dean's interest in her home, but he continues to rather awkwardly ask her about what sorts of "headaches" the old house has given her. She is now truly confused, but Dean presses on, "Well, you know. Weird leaks. Electrical shortages. Odd settling noises at night. That kinda, thatkindathing." Jensen Ackles is KILLING ME in this scene. He's got his voice set to "The Delicious Dish" frequency and his eyes are widened to Bambi proportions. Serial Mom tells him the house has been "perfect," which makes Dean go "hunh" before popping another wiener into his mouth and excusing himself to go the bathroom.Over in the corner with possibly hoofed ManBoy, Sam asks the rosy-lipped lad what his father was like. He holds the "normal" line even while looking about as normal as John Wayne Gacy, squeaking out that he lives at home because he's trying to save up for school. I cannot tell if this actor is fourteen or forty-seven. It's pretty freaky. Long shot of Sam and Max sitting across from one another rather awkwardly, Sam leaning in, Max leaning away. Close-ups of Sam and Max as Sam asks Max to tell how he found his dad. Max: "I woke up. I heard the engine running. I don't know why he did it." Sam tries to relate: "I know it's rough, losing a parent, especially when you don't have all the answers." And ACKKK! Watch out where you pause, because you could catch ManBoy readying to EAT YOU ALIVE when you look back up at the television.

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