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The Hardy Boys Get the Night Sweats

Upstairs, Dean sneaks around. He takes out one of his devices (if only this scene were more wiener-related), which shoots two crossed green lasers out in front of it, and has a video display. Dean starts walking around with his laser vision thing, and keeps walking for quite some time. He knows how I love the walking. He hears footsteps, looks lively, and puts his device away (hee), only to turn and see Sam come trotting around the corner. Looks like he could have left his device out in the open after all. Sam asks, "Anything?" and Dean replies, "Zip," and they both sort of fall over one another trying to get out of the scene. Cut!

The outside of the Escanale (?) Motel. It's all lodgy and hunter-y, which is about right for Michigan. Dean sits on the bed rubbing a stick in and out of a hole. Sheesh, he's just cleaning his guns! And no, that isn't "what they're calling it these days." Sam says they've got nothing on the case, noting that there are "No graveyards, battlefields, tribal lands, or any other kind of atrocity on or near the [Miller] property." Dean sympathizes, "Hey, man, I searched the house up and down, there were no cold spots, no sulfur scent, nada." Lots of "gun cleaning" sounds during this whole scene. Dean continues, "I used the infrared thermal scanner, man, there was nothing." So that's what they're calling that thing these days. Sam starts to doubt his premonition as maybe having been some "freakish coincidence." Dean continues nonchalantly cleaning guns while Sam tries to talk the situation through. Sam sits on a bed facing away from Dean, so we can see him starting to flinch and grimace and blink his eyes a lot, but Dean can't. Sam's all, "Maybe it's ah, ah, um..." Finally, Sam's gasps catch Dean's attention, and he asks, "What's wrong with you?" just as Sam starts falling to the floor crying, "Ow, yeah, my head." Dean rushes over to him and grabs him by the arms. Sam looks blankly to the side of Dean while we flash over to a "vision."

The "vision" is a clear narrative, with Roger returning home with groceries, and opening a beer, as a shadowy figure crosses in front of a doorway between the camera and Roger. A window opens of its own volition, which Roger notices and goes over to try and shut. He gets the window back down and locks it and returns to unpacking the groceries. The window slowly unlocks itself and opens again, so Roger takes a sip of beer and tries to shut it again. This time it won't budge, so, of course, he sticks his torso out of the window, ending up somehow lying flat with his neck laid out neatly across the sill. Whatever. Horror movie REE REE REE as the window comes slamming shut, we quickly cut to a shot of the windowpane splattered with blood, and then cut back to an exterior shot where we see a little bald head roll into the flower box. Fertilizer? The "vision" turns back into shaky shots of the interior of Sam and Dean's hunter's lodge and Sam doing his best to appear cross-eyed with mystical abilities. Still with a blank look in his eyes, like he is looking inward rather than outward, he exclaims, "It's happening again. Something's gonna kill Roger Miller."Commercials. Let's take a brief moment. If they are going to pursue this whole "Sam has visions" plotline (and who knows if they will, since they abandon it for many episodes at a time), they're going to have to figure out a better way to show us what he "sees" with his mind's eye. We know for a fact that he only saw bits of what happened to Jim Miller, so why was his vision of Roger Miller's death so cinematic? Dean and Sam are in the Metallicar, Sam in the passenger seat on the phone with information getting Roger Miller's address. Sam has his head weakly tilted back and is talking in the quiet voice of a migraine sufferer. He winces, and Dean asks if he's okay. Sam says he is, and then Dean responds with the response of a deeply feeling man unable to express those feelings: "If you're gonna hurl I'll pull the car over, 'cause the upholstery, you know..." And I just realize that unbeknownst to me, my mind was making a bizarre Beaches reference when it made me type the phrase "deeply feeling." Remember? Something like, "I am a deeply feeling person. I feel deeply." WTF? Why is that line buried in my head? Sam sighs and tells Dean that he's really scared. "These nightmares weren't enough, now I'm seeing things when I'm awake? And these visions, or whatever, they're getting more intense, and painful." Dean tries to soothe Sam by ignoring his worries, basically. But Sam continues, wondering what connection he has to the Miller family. Dean gets sort of fatherly and barks at Sam that they'll figure it out: "We face the unexplainable every single day. This is just another thing." My thoughts exactly. I mean the shrimp docks in Missouri? They got through that one, didn't they? Sam's "abilities" obviously come with a side of narcissism, though, as he continues to harp on how different this situation is. He demands of Dean, "Tell me the truth, this doesn't freak you out?" The camera pans in on Dean's steely gaze, and he looks straight forward at the road and clenches, "No. This doesn't freak me out."

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