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The Hardy Boys Get the Night Sweats

A low vertical shot of a multi-story apartment building. The camera motion-sicks down and around to show us the sidewalk entrance where Roger Miller approaches the building. The brothers pull up in front and yell out to him, but he tells them to leave him alone. They park the Metallicar and try to follow him into the vestibule, but he shuts and locks the door behind him. They run around back and Dean kicks in the gate into the alley. Sam and Dean run up the fire escape metal stairs, hoofing it up five or so flights. This whole scene is weirdly blue-screen and choppy-looking, so they are either using just one or two flights of actual stairs and computer generating the rest, or they've got some strange pan-and-scan thing going on. I don't really know, technically, I just know it looks pretty shitty. They finally reach the top to find blood dripping everywhere. Too late. Dean keeps his wits about him and starts wiping down their fingerprints, instructing Sam to do the same. Then Dean climbs through the window, telling Sam that he wants to take a look inside.Back down on the sidewalk, Dean tells Sam there was nothing inside the apartment. Sam tells him that in his vision he saw a "dark shape" that seemed to be "stalking Roger." Sam thinks that whatever it is, it is "connected to the family itself," as opposed to the houses they live in. Sam then suggests maybe a "vengeful spirit" and they begin to do their regularly-scheduled monster banter. They think maybe Roger and Jim were involved in "something heavy. Something curse-worthy." Sam worries that maybe Max is in danger and then whines that just like the Millers, his family "is cursed." Dean tells him to cram it: "Our family's not cursed. We've just -- had our dark spots." Sam smiles disbelievingly: "Our dark spots are pretty dark," and then Dean has a "jerk store" moment: "You're...dark." Hee.

Back at the Miller house, Max walks the brothers (back in priest costumes) into the living room, telling them that Serial Mom is resting. Max chatters, "All these people kept coming with, like, casseroles? I had to finally tell them to all go away. You know, 'cause nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a tuna casserole." This kid clearly needs some home training. You simply do not refuse free casserole, no matter how disgruntled and mad at the world you are. Sam chuckles far too generously at Max's "joke." Long shot of the three in the living room, with a table full of aluminum-foiled casserole dishes in the immediate foreground. Damn, I could really go for a casserole right now. Sam puts on his sensitive face and asks Max how he's holding up. Max's face looks like it is carved out of shiny, tight wax. Shiny, tight wax. My new punk band? Sam keeps prodding and finds out that Max's uncle used to live next door to them when he was a kid, Max mentioning that his uncle was over all the time then. Sam and Dean ask about how things were when Max was little: "All good memories?" Max starts breathing a bit huffily, as Fake Priest Dean seems to be asking this boy about possible abuse in his past by men. Huh. ManBoy smiles tightly and shakes his head: "Why do you ask?" and then assures them that they "were totally normal." Dean is all "AH HA!" when he hears that shit, and immediately suggests that he and Sam leave.

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