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The Hardy Boys Get the Night Sweats

Commercials. In the Metallicar, Sam concludes that Max is doing it. Dean asks how he's pulling it off, and Sam says it "looks like telekinesis." Sam suddenly gets his "visions" in freaking HD, it seems. Dean wonders if the kid is "a psychic? What is he, a spoon-bender?" Heh. Sam realizes that he "wasn't connecting to the Millers, I was connecting to Max. I guess, because we're so alike?" Oh, cram it, Miss Cleo. Dean agrees with me -- "You're nothing like Max" -- but Sam continues to twirl his tarot-card skirts some more: "We both have psychic abilities!" Dean reminds him that "Max is a monster." Sam thinks Max was justified after being beaten so severely. Dean disagrees: "He's no different than anything else we've hunted." Also, he's about as freaky looking as that Wen-DEE-go dude. Dean wants to kill Max, but Sam reminds him that they aren't in the human-killing business. Dean quips, "Then what? Hand him over the cops and say, 'Lock him up, officer. He kills with the power of his mind.'" Hee. Sam thinks they can talk to him. Dean acquiesces, but also leans over to get a shiny gun out of the glove box to bring into the house. Great idea, Dean. Bring a gun into a house so ManBoy can mind-lift it out of your hands.

Inside the house, we get a repeat of Serial Mom and ManBoy's fight over the chopped vegetables. This time, however, as the knife begins to hover, Dean and Sam break through the front door. Serial Mom exclaims, "Fathers?" and we get a shot of the boys hilariously trying to look normal even though they just broke down the front door (and are wearing civilian clothing in this scene). Sam has a ridiculous grin on, and for a moment I love him. Sam tries to get Max to come outside and talk for a minute. Beware the priests, ManBoy! ManBoy agrees, and sort of slinks toward the door. But as Dean opens the front door, ManBoy gets a glimpse -- I'm not sure where, in some sort of reflective surface, a mirror? the shined doorknob? the windowpane? can't tell -- of the gun tucked into Dean's waistband. He uses his mind to slam the door shut on Dean and close all the wooden plantation shutters on the windows. ManBoy yells, "They're not priests!" and as Dean pulls the gun, ManBoy easily mindgrabs the gun away from him. ManBoy points the gun at the brothers and then mind-throws his stepmother through the air. She whacks her head on the countertop of the kitchen island and flops to the ground. Dean insists they just want to talk, but ManBoy thinks the gun says otherwise. Sam takes over, apologizing for all the lies and then telling Max about his visions. Max doesn't believe him until Sam reveals that he knows Max was about to jab Serial Mom through the eye with the knife. Max is slobbering and crying. Sam says they can get Dean and Serial Mom out of there so the two of them can talk alone. That's what all the priests say, you know. Dean objects, and ManBoy makes the chandelier shake with his mind, crying, "Nobody leaves this house!" Sam says Dean and Serial Mom can just go upstairs. Dean doesn't want to leave Sam alone with ManBoy, but when Sam finally gets ManBoy to agree to five minutes alone, Dean has no choice but to get Serial Mom and go upstairs. Serial Mom has a nasty cut on her forehead.

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