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The Hardy Boys Get the Night Sweats

Sam and Dean sit in the living room. ManBoy's face is all pink and slobbery and waxy as he makes a letter opener twirl on the end table beside him. This conversation goes on for some time. ManBoy is getting on my nerves, because he's delivering his lines sort of like a seven-year-old. I mean, I get the whole "damaged childhood, damaged man" bit, but I don't know why the abuse has made him underpronounce his Rs and draw out his vowels: "She's a pawt of it toooo." So the conversation: Sam makes a mistake in talking about the abuse as if it were in the past. ManBoy proves him wrong by standing up and showing a crazy bruise blooming all over his ribcage. Then Sam seems sort of at a loss for how to proceed. Great negotiation skills, pal. ManBoy takes over, talking about his discovery that he could move things with his mind and how it was the only thing that made him feel less helpless. ManBoy explains that he killed his father in response to the recent beating, and then sort of just got the taste for revenge. He blathers on about needing to kill them all because he needed to "not be afraid." The twirling letter opener has quit its circus tricks and dropped to the tabletop. ManBoy says his father had "hate in his eyes" for him. Sam grunts. It's The Negotiator! ManBoy continues, saying his father blamed him for everything, even for his mother's death. Sam, vaguely paying attention to this life-or-death conversation, asks why that would be.

ManBoy sits up in his chair, and we brace for the reveal: "Because she died in my nursery. While I was asleep in my crib." Sam finally zones back in, shaking his head in disbelief and asking him to clarify. ManBoy responds that when his father would get drunk, he'd "babble on in some insane way. He said that she burned up. Pinned to the ceiling!" Dun dun dun! Pan in on Sam's face right before the Metal Teeth Chomp.Commercials. The conversation continues. Sam tells Max to listen up and then tells him that his father's insane ramblings were all real. He explains how the same thing happened to their family, but Max doesn't believe him: "Your dad must have been as drunk as mine." Sam starts to put things together: "This must be why I've been having visions during the day. Why they're getting more intense." Nice try covering your ass on this unwieldy "visions" plot development. Once a character starts having visions, it's sort of hard to have them stop having visions, but who wants to watch a show about Sam having visions all the time? So, make it all depend on Max. I'm not believing that for a second. Sam keeps trying to connect the dots: "Your abilities, they started six or seven months ago, right?" He is indeed right, and Max is starting to look kind of freaked out that somebody has just waltzed into his home and outfreaked him. And after he spent so much time baby-powdering his face and rouging his lips that morning! Sam slips in a little foreshadowing, acknowledging that Max's "abilities seem to be much further along." Then Sam really makes me groan by concluding that "for some reason, you and I were chosen." Seriously, Miss Cleo? I think there's somebody on the line wondering where her baby daddy is. When Sam tells Max about his and Dean's hunt for their mother's killer, it seems Max is almost convinced to let them go. But again, Max considers how he made sure his face looked extra-waxy that morning for his killing spree, and refuses to listen to another one of Sam's longwinded pleas that pretty much covers the same ground as the rest of the conversation. So, he finally gets the episode going again and mind-throws Sam into a closet and then mind-shoves a huge china cabinet in front of the closet. Oh, boy, will it be hard for Sam to get out of that closet!

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