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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

Upstairs, Dean and Fat Ronald scour the bank's offices for the manager. Dean's taken the time to strip off the coveralls, by the way, and is now sporting that flannel shirt we saw him in at the top of the hour. As Dean bangs further through the office into a room marked "PRIVATE," Fat Ronald pulls a little amateur SWAT-fu to angle around a desk and...flop flat on his back after slipping on something! The camera shoots up to an overhead so we all might note Fat Ronald's fallen into a slimy pile of shape-shifter droppings. "Wheeeee!" shrieks Raoul, simply giddy with delight. "It's not gore, per se, but it is most gratifyingly gruesome nonetheless!" Abso-friggin'-lutely. Dean takes a moment to disabuse Fat Roland of his mandroid notion and get him up to speed on the shape-shifters' true attributes -- among them their "human drives, in this case for money," their susceptibility to silver, and the fact that they don't always slaughter their latest inspirations before assuming said inspirations' forms. Dean then points out that, as the shape-shifter's shed its previous skin, they have no idea who it could be anymore. "Come on, Ronald!" Dean calls out after he's snatched up a handy silver letter opener from the desk and heads off towards another office. Fat Ronald glances down at the gooey mess on the carpeting once more before skittering over to follow, and right before he shuts the door behind him, he gets this awesomely elated grin on his face, as if he's suddenly realized that everything that's actually happening is a thousand times more cool than anything he'd ever dream up in his Den Of Crazy. Aw. I might have to drop the "Fat" bit from his name after that. "Pity he's not long for this..." Raoul! Silence! Spoiler! "Hee! Ooops!"

Outside, a police helicopter whirrs by overhead to scour the bank tower's façade with a searchlight as the street below buzzes with activity, with the now-dozens of policemen joined by the city's SWAT team. Oh, and the news van from WMWE, Milwaukee's nonexistent Channel 8, of course. Why they didn't use the call letters and station number for The CW's actual affiliate is beyond me, but that doesn't matter at this point, because the lead detective's just arrived on-scene to join his colleagues in the Mobile Emergency Command Unit. After getting a quick assessment of the current situation from the uniform we'd seen earlier, he orders them to cut the power.

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