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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

Upstairs, Dean angles through the apparently deserted hallways with a little flashlight-fu, ducking around the police floodlights, all the while whipping his head around at every single one of the old building's many, many creaks and groans.

Down in the vault, one imprisoned teller thumbs through her rosary beads -- nice touch -- as the aging guard slowly doubles over, suffering from some ominous shortness of breath. As Sam and Ron arrive and open the vault door to allow those inside some fresh air, the phone unexpectedly starts ringing. Ron foolishly answers to find the police negotiator on the other end just as the ailing security guard clutches at his left arm and pleads to be released. Oh, shit. "Well, it would be a moment of unendurable crisis," Raoul opines, "had we not already known that Dean escorts this elderly gentleman out to a waiting ambulance." Doy! You're totally right, and I completely forgot about that. At any rate, Sam's not privy to that information and, increasingly keyed up, tries in vain to cope with dim Ron on the phone and the growing panic among the hostages in the vault at the same time, finally deciding to deal with both situations by shutting them down completely, grabbing the handset out of Ron's hand to slam it back into its base while ordering everyone in the vault to shut up. "You just gonna let the man die?" a particularly strapping hostage demands. "No one's dying in here!" Sam shouts back before angrily shoving Ron over to guard the vault. He then picks up the phone to dial.

Dean keeps playing with his flashlight. No, not like that. "Dirty!" shrieks Raoul.

Meanwhile, Sam's on the line with the lead detective, telling the guy to send in a paramedic, and no one else. "We don't have time for that!" the particularly strapping hostage protests. "He's dying right in front of you!" Ron offers a few weak -- yet heartfelt -- apologies to everyone present while Sam frets.

Upstairs, Dean's found an off-kilter ceiling tile -- just go with it -- and pokes at it with a handy coat rack. After a couple of jabs, the entire thing collapses down onto the floor, dragging along with it the naked male body that had been stowed up in the ducts by the crafty shape-shifter. Dean rolls the corpse onto its back and finds...the particularly strapping hostage! Dead! With an enormous gash through his neck! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" shrieks Raoul, excitedly flapping his paws around in the air. "I told you the second half of this episode was far superior to the first!" Oh, and we haven't seen the best of it yet, for not an instant passes before we jump back down to the vault, where Dean arrives to whisper something inaudible into Sammy's ear. Sam nods his head and immediately moves to escort the ailing guard from the bank himself. The particularly strapping shape-shifter makes to go with them, but Sam calmly assures the monster that he's got everything under control.

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