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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

Out in the mobile command center, Henriksen orders the SWAT teams to attack in five minutes. "This is crazy!" Robards howls, citing the danger such an action would represent to the remaining hostages. "Crazy's in there," Henriksen shoots back, "and I just hung up on it." Then the obnoxious agent man steps right into the METAL TEETH CHOMP! Pity I already know he's returning from his all-too-brief sojourn in the belly of the metal commercial-break beast. "He is rather...high-strung, don't you think?" "High-strung" is a good phrase for it, Raoul. Then again, so is "batshit insane." There's no way an FBI agent would place the lives of at least twenty-five hostages at so great a risk just to take out one guy, is there? "Let's not get into that, shall we?" Raoul sighs. "Especially since we all know he's working for The Ceiling Demon." You're probably right. Still: Ew. "Oh, agreed!"

Bank. Sam's still sneaking around when he notices blood seeping out from beneath a closed door. He carefully positions his silver letter opener, then yanks on the knob to fling the thing open and...scuttle back a few feet as Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie's demurely attired corpse flops out at his feet! DUN! Her throat's slashed, but I am happy to note her girls are firmly strapped into proper foundation garments. Not to belabor the point or anything, but yeah: I've seen lacy blue slips masquerading as outerwear with no underwear beneath on far too many occasions in the past, so bravo to the Supernatural costuming staff, even though it makes absolutely no damn sense for Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie's corpse to be wearing anything at all.

Down at the vault, Dean would very much like to conduct a processing summit with the just-arrived Sammy regarding the deteriorating situation outdoors, but Darling Sammy rather curtly informs Dean of the monster in the vault, so the FBI and its unhinged special agents can wait for a bit. The boys swing open the door again, and Dean informs Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie they're releasing her as a good-faith gesture towards the police outside. There follows a well thought out and acted scene wherein Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie's suspicions of the boys' true motives for separating her from the others seem perfectly reasonable to both her fellow hostages and, perhaps, to those in the audience who remembered Dean's earlier admonition that not every source of inspiration for a shape-shifter's new look ends up dead. For those on the other side of the fence -- including the boys -- Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie's protestations make her look like just another hellbeast, vamping for time. Very nice.

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