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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

In any event, Our Intrepid Heroes have by now led her away from the vault and towards her doppelganger's corpse in that upstairs office. Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie takes one look at her apparent self on the floor -- with her apparent self's throat rather garishly slit -- and wastes not a moment to start screaming and thrashing around in horror. "Community theater, or are you just naturally that good?" Dean snarks. Heh. Action Sammy grabs hold of her and vows, "This is the last time you become anybody, ever." And with that, Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie drops to the floor in a dead faint. Far too amusingly, the boys stare down at her, all, "Well, that's new." After a moment, though, Dean swings back into action, kneeling at Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie's unconscious side, ready to ram that silver letter opener through her heart. "Dean, wait!" Sammy urges at the last instant. "What's the advantage of this plan?" he wonders. "I mean, fainting now wouldn't help it survive." Dean considers that, then pivots around to stare closely at the apparent corpse. "Hunh!" he puzzles, then, after a beat, rises to hover over the Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie wearing the slip. Before he can decide upon a plan of action, though, a loud crashing noise rises into the office from the main lobby below. Both Dean and Sam focus their attention towards the direction of the noise, and so neither notice...Apparent Corpse Sherrie snapping open her eyes to latch onto Dean's throat with her right hand! Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie picks this moment to wake up screaming, so Dean -- in between bouts of fending off The Sherrie Shifter's attacks -- yells for Sam to drag the screechy teller out of there, now. Sam complies, just as...

...the SWAT team carefully picks its way across the shattered glass of the bank's lobby. They silently swarm down the stairs and through the hallways as we leap past them to find Dean in the bank's basement boiler room, hot on The Sherrie Shifter's tail. Unfortunately, Dean's forced to abandon his search for the monster in favor of hiding behind a piece of machinery until the SWATs exit.

Upstairs, a quartet of SWATs lurk through a hallway until their flashlights land on Oh, Nooooo! Sherrie. "Please, I work here!" she mewls, and she does have that name tag pinned to her blazer, so two of the guys whisk her away towards the exit. The remaining duo shimmies down the hallway until their laser sights land upon Darling Sammy's remarkably broad back. "Freeze!" one of them yells. "Lemme see your hands!" D'OH!

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