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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

Down in the basement, Dean performs a little flashlight-fu of his own until...The Sherrie Shifter slams an uppercut into his nose! "Not the face!" Raoul shrieks. "Dear God in heaven, not the face!"

Upstairs, Sam's treating the nice gentlemen from the SWAT team to a little of the same, biffing one guy and snatching away his rifle so he might beat them both unconscious with the thing. The SWATs go down like French prizefighters.

Down in the basement, The Sherrie Shifter is Kicking. Dean's. Ass! The shots are too quickly intercut for me to give any sort of a coherent blow-by-blow of the action, so just an overall brava to Georgia Craig on her mad stage combat skillz will have to do, I guess. Oh, except for the bit where Dean finally latches onto The Sherrie Shifter's arm, and she replies by letting that section of skin strip off her body into his hand, after which she kicks him hard -- really, really hard -- in the nuts. Alas for The Sherrie Shifter, the Winchester Wonderballs are apparently made of steel, for Dean takes not a second to recover and slam her against the wall before ramming that letter opener into her chest. The Sherrie Shifter chokes and gasps and slowly drops to the ground, never taking her eyes off Dean's until the last moment, when her unnatural life finally leaves that unnatural body of hers. Most amusing is the fact that The Sherrie Shifter's chosen to shuffle off her many mortal coils right beneath a poster that boasts "NUMBER OF DAYS WITHOUT INJURY: 67." God, I love this show.

In any event, as Dean crouches by her side to ensure she's really most sincerely dead, he allows his eyes to drop from the faked gash in her throat down her skin-stripped arm to the opener sticking out of her chest. Just then, an impossibly large boot steps into the foreground of the shot. Dean snaps his head around at the noise, and a SWAT flashlight blinds him right before the final METAL TEETH CHOMP! bites down on everyone and everything in the frame.

Bank. Henriksen marches through with the SWATs and gets the bullet on the particularly strapping corpse. Meanwhile, down in the basement, another SWAT examines The Sherrie Shifter's rapidly cooling remains and swears, "I'm telling you, man, I just walked her out of the bank. She must have a twin sister, or something." Elsewhere, another pair of SWATs -- one unnaturally tall with remarkably broad shoulders, the other a stumpy little bow-legged midget -- escort Henriksen into yet another room as that uniformed officer from the previous scenes arrives to assure the special agent that the building's secure, with no sign at all of the Winchesters. Henriksen knots his panties into a tremendous wad and bitches about tearing apart the ducts and the furnace and whatnot, but Officer Anonymous once again assures him such action will not be necessary as he leads Henriksen towards a utility closet.

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