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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

Next thing we know, Fat Ronald's shoving a tape into the VCR. "I made copies of all the security tapes," he explains. "I knew once the cops got them, they'd be buried." Dean and Sam are now perched side-by-side on a small sofa in that little Den Of Crazy, Dean following along intently while Sam, for whatever reason, continues barely to mask his annoyance with the entire situation. In any event, long story short, Fat Ronald plays back the blurry, black-and-white security feed until the purported Juan Morales happens to glance directly at the camera, at which point Juan's eyes get the MS Paint treatment. DUN! Sam and Dean lean forward, jaws dropping a bit, before darting their eyes to shoot Looks Fraught With Significance at each other. Meanwhile, Fat Ronald just geeks out about NotJuan's mandroid "laser eyes" for a bit before becoming increasingly unhinged as he admits he was fired from the bank because his "post-traumatic stress" kept him yammering on endlessly about Chinese robots, or whatever, until he finally vows, "The law won't hunt this thing down? I'll do it myself." He's got it all figured out, you see: The mandroid "kills the real person" and "makes it look like a suicide" before it "morphs into that person, cases the job for a while until it knows the take is fat, and then it finds its opening." He even figures the mandroid retreats to an underground lair to recharge its mandroid batteries between robberies.

Dean -- impressed that Fat Ronald's come so close to figuring out the truth, here -- plays along with all this crap with an encouraging smile, but Sam's had more than enough. "I want you to listen very carefully," he states as he rises from the couch, "'cause I'm about to tell you the God's honest truth about all of this." Dean hops to his feet as well with a friendly enough grin, obviously thinking Sam's going to spill the whole shape-shifter story, so he's visibly shocked when Sam asserts, "There's no such thing as mandroids." Both Dean and Fat Ronald let their faces fall a bit as Sam continues, "There's nothing evil or inhuman going on out there -- it's just people, nothing else. You understand?" Fat Ronald almost looks like he's going to cry, and starts stammering about the laser eyes, but Sam cuts him off with, "I know you don't want to believe this, but your friend Juan robbed the bank, and that's it." Fat Ronald falters for a moment, then shouts at them to get out of his house. Dean looks deeply pained and uncomfortable, while Sam's all, "Yeah, whatever, but first things first." Dean furrows.

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