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The Hardy Boys Are So Screwed

As Fat Ronald informs all those present that he barricaded the bank's only exit, Our Intrepid Heroes lope onto the main floor to talk him down. Unfortunately for them, Fat Ronald goes ballistic at the sight of them, ordering them to their knees as well before yammering about outrage! and betrayal! and "Who are you working for -- the men in black? You working for the mandroid?" "We're not workin' for the maaaaan-droid!" Sammy drawls. Hee. "I ain't talking to you!" Ronald yells right back, getting all red in the face. "I don't like you!" Dean just rolls his eyes all, "I told you so," as Sam mumbles, "Fair enough." Fat Ronald crazily stares them down for a moment before ordering one of the hostages to frisk them for weapons, and the guy who gets to do the honors? I hate immediately, and with the bright, blazing passion of a thousand fiery suns. Bastard. Cheap, unbelievably lucky bastard. ANYWAY, Altar Boy Sammy's clean, but El Deano's got a little silver knife tucked into his shoe. "I'm not just gonna walk in here naked!" he hisses in response to Sam's tremendous bitchface. Fat Ronald grabs the invaluable weapon from the cheap, unbelievably lucky bastard who found it, and foolishly drops the thing into one of those old trash chutes you still occasionally see in older bank buildings. Point is, it's gone for good, and that's a very bad thing indeed, for as you'll recall, shape-shifters can only be injured or killed by items forged from silver. In any event, a nicely written and played little scene follows, in which Dean convinces Fat Ronald that he and Sam actually, honest-to-God believe him, and that they've got to join forces to capture the bank manager before the shape-shifter inside switches appearances again. Fat Ronald gratefully accepts Dean's offer of assistance, visibly relieved at long last to have found an ally, but orders everyone else -- including Sam, whom he still hates -- into the vault. Heh.

Meanwhile, a passing cop too-casually eyes the chains on the bank's front doors and hand-signals about eight other policemen into position out on the street. DUN!

Downstairs, Fat Ronald hustles a half-dozen hostages plus The Ginormotron into the vault, which Dean somewhat reluctantly locks. None of the hostages present, I should note, is the bank manager, but who knows what foul, fiendish deeds the shape-shifter perpetrated while Dean was making his deal with Fat Ronald? "And," Raoul hastens to note, having abandoned his knitting for the remainder of tonight's presentation, as we've by now entered the really good part of the hour, "Lord knows we've got all of those other escapees scurrying around the upper floors. Suspects everywhere! Hooray!" Indeed. This is getting exciting. In any event, a tall blonde teller gazes adoringly at El Deano as the latter takes a moment before shutting the vault to assure the hostages that everything'll be okay. "Who is that man?" she breathes, all dreamy and fangirl-like. "My brother," Sam frowns. "He is so brave!" she coos. Sam just rolls his eyes heavenwards. Hee.

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