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No Rest For The Wicked

Back from the break, the boys plus Bobby have pushed the dead trooper's prowler off the road and are now busily camouflaging it with shrubbery. It's Car 54, by the way. Clever show. "So, what? Now you're seeing demons?" Sam bluntly demands, staring at his brother like Dean's some sort of side-show freak. Ha! Payback's a bitch, isn't it, Dean? "It's not all that crazy," Bobby offers. "You're piercing the veil, Dean -- glimpsing the B-side!" "Little less new-agey, please?" Dean requests. "You're almost Hell's bitch," Bobby shrugs, "so you can see Hell's other bitches." "Thank you," Dean sarcastically replies. It quickly becomes clear, however, that Doomed El Deano's magical new ability will be of no small use to them once they reach Inharmonious Indiana, as Lilith's likely to have peppered the town with lookout minions in human form, much like the unlamented state trooper, here. Doomed El Deano snorts something about this masterful plan of theirs getting worse by the minute, or something, and with that, we're off to...

...oh, gross. Seriously. This kid sucks, so let's keep this scene at Chez Fremont a brief as possible, okay? Long story short, one of Lilith's minions -- and I think we all know who's responsible -- informed her of Pat's frantic plea for help, so Lilith telekinetically snaps the old guy's neck, and Poor Dead Pat face-plants into a plateful of delicious-looking cherry pie. Mmmm. Pie. Next!

The camera zooms in on the nighttime fa├žade of a nearby home that's quite conveniently unoccupied at the moment. Peering at the Fremonts' place across the way through binoculars, Dean quickly identifies The Child Who Has Ruined The Entire Episode For Everyone as Lilith's hostess for this portion of the evening's festivities, so Sam springs into action. Well, he springs into action until Dean points out the other demonically possessed denizens of the neighborhood, including a mailman suspiciously still on the clock at 9 PM and Pat's friendly neighbor Tom from earlier in the episode. "Fine!" Desperate Action Sammy blurts. "We ninja past those guys and sneak in!" "Then what?" Dean demands. "Give a Colombian necktie to a ten-year-old girl?" I think I speak for Raoul -- nay, for the entire viewing audience -- when I say, "Fuck yes, you give a fucking Colombian necktie to a goddamned ten-year-old girl, moron. GOD, do you want to stay out of Hell or not? Idiot." "She's got to be stopped," Bobby agrees, and I knew there was a reason I liked him so much. "Dammit!" Dean seethes. Shut up, you stumpy little bow-legged nitwit.

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