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No Rest For The Wicked

Their temporary safety thus ensured, Our Intrepid Heroes plus Ruby slink into the darkened Fremont manse, side-step their collective way past the fly-encrusted corpse littering the foyer, and shimmy through the main floor until...Son Of Pat attacks! No, not like that, unfortunately. The wimp has yet to be possessed, which Dean of course instantly knows, and after the three attempt and fail to explain the urgency of the situation to a traumatized Son Of Pat, Dean sucker-punches the worthless weakling into unconsciousness and stores the senseless jerk in the cellar. Sam and Ruby, meanwhile, creep up the main stairs to the second floor, where they stupidly split up to investigate! Haven't any of these morons realized that every single time they split up, something horrible happens? Ugh. In any event, Princess Sparkle prances into a room at one end of the hall while Sam sweatily approaches a suite at the other. He eases open the door and, with Knife raised, slowly approaches the pink canopied bed, whose sheer curtains have been drawn to obscure, partially, its occupants. And I must admit, when this episode first aired, and The Ginormotron was thus tippy-toeing through the preadolescent abomination's boudoir during this very long and surprisingly tense-making scene, I was dead certain Lilith had jumped from the daughter into the mother, and that poor Sammy was going to give a Colombian necktie to a ten-year-old girl only to have Lilith -- in the mother's body -- hop up after it was all over to go, "FACE! I'm in here, asshole!" Doesn't happen, of course, but how much more awesome would this episode have been if it had?

In any event, just as Sam's about to plunge The Knife That Can Kill Anything into the daughter's throat, Doomed El Deano lunges up from behind to stay Sam's arm, shouting, "Don't! It's not in the girl anymore!" It's also, apparently, not in the mother, either. Hmmm. I wonder where Lilith could be? Oh, hello, Princess Sparkle, just arriving from points unknown to join the boys as they slide into the next commercial break most woefully CHOMP!-less! "Any fool can see the foul fiend has found a new hostess in that silly little blonde woman!" Oh, hello, Raoul. I didn't hear you toddle back from your den. And how were Marion Cotillard's eyebrows? "As gruesome as they've ever been!" Indeed? "I know! I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the delightfully unnerving effect to wear off, and if anything, the upper half of her head only seems to get even more grotesque with each additional viewing!" I'm so pleased you were able to enjoy yourself. "Quand il me prend dans ses bras!" Oh, Lord. "Il me parle tout bas! Je vois LA VIE EN ROOOOH-ZAH!

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