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No Rest For The Wicked

Aftermath. Bobby's still trapped in the hideout across the way. From his perspective, the bad news is it's getting awfully close to midnight. The good news, however, is that the line of holy water sprinklers continues to hold, so the Fremonts' demonic fiends and neighbors remain harmless. For the moment. Meanwhile, Our Intrepid Heroes plus Ruby hustle Daughter-In-Law Of Dead Pat into the basement, where Dean instructs her to remain with her lousy wimp of a husband and their now-depossessed brat of a daughter, no matter what dire sounds emanate from the floor above. Once the civilians have been safely stowed away, Our Intrepid Heroes start screaming at each other, with Desperate Action Sammy pleading with Princess Sparkle to tell him what he needs to do to access his long-dormant powers, and Doomed El Deano refusing to allow that to happen, no matter what. It goes on like that until the Fremonts' expensive-looking mantel clock hits midnight, and as the chimes slowly sound, Our Intrepid Heroes get all teary-eyed and snot-streaked while still offering each other valiant Buck Up, Little Camper smiles. No sooner has the last of the chimes echoed through the room when the baying of the hellhounds kicks in from somewhere outdoors, with a subsequent low growling almost instantly arising from the floor at Dean's back. He turns, slowly, and can see it lurking in the dining room, and as he warily backs away from the thing, the shot cuts immediately over to Hellhound-Cam, and the Camera Dog pounces. The boys plus Ruby scamper away into a nearby room, where they slam the doors behind them so Dean might hastily lay down a few lines of graveyard dirt mixed with snakeskin, ash, powdered sulfur, salt, red and black pepper, powdered bones, powdered insect chitin, herbs, and iron filings. The howling and the battering of the hellhounds against the door presently halts, and once it does, Ruby wheels on Sam and demands he turn over The Knife That Can Kill Anything, Up To And Including Hellhounds, Apparently so she can try to fight the beasts off. One problem: "Sam, that's not Ruby!" dazed El Deano whispers, once he's finally -- after that whole entire previous scene that lasted a full two minutes -- gotten a good look at her face. Sam, horrified, tries to plunge The Knife into Lilith's chest, but Lilith telekinetically backhands him up against the wall while flattening Dean across a table in much the same fashion.

And I have to give credit to Katie Cassidy, here, because when Lilith drops her Ruby act once she's got the guys pinned, Cassidy convincingly ratchets her voice up a mincing, sing-songy, childlike octave and similarly alters everything about the way she moves, switching from a pattern that had been rather butch, frankly, to something altogether more lithe and coquettish -- and therefore, in this context, altogether more disturbing. After casually mentioning how easily she rid the earth of her host body's previous occupant, Lilith swivels over to Sam and simpers, "I've wanted to meet you for a very long time!" right before she hikes her tongue down his remarkably broad throat. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking the possessed have breath issues. "It's positively beastly, I'm sure!" Raoul agrees. Once Sam's free to breathe again, he attempts to barter his own soul for Dean's, but alas! "If you want to bargain, you have to have something I want!" Lilith perks. Unfortunately, Sam doesn't, so Lilith releases the hounds. "VIOLENCE!" Oh, Raoul. You disappoint me. "You object to my glee for some reason?!" Only because you're so easy to please -- this is some of the fakest gore-work I've ever seen on this show. And that's saying something. A lot, in fact. "Oh, do stop being such a pill and let me have my fun!" Sigh. As you wish, my scaly friend. So, the hellhounds first drag Dean to the floor by digging their claws into his legs and yanking. "WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT VIOLENCE!" And then they flip his floppy little body back and forth until geysering founts of blood erupt from every square inch of exposed skin. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Well, you know. Except his face, 'cause that's just too pretty to claw. "GOOOOOO...ooops! NOT THE FACE! DEATH TO THE HELLHOUND WHO SCRATCHES THE FACE!" Meanwhile, Sam's hanging from the wall, screaming, "Noooooooooooo!" "Yesssssssssssss!" hisses Lilith, and she raises her Super-Special Death-Ray Hand into the air to shoot Darling Sammy into the final METAL TEETH CHOMP! of the season upon a stream of horribly brilliant white light.

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