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No Rest For The Wicked

Elsewhere, Posh Bela spends her final minutes on earth blowing snot into a telephone receiver that other people are going to have to use after the hellhounds drag her sorry carcass away -- like, thanks for nothing, BELA -- while also letting Dean know that the abovementioned preadolescent monstrosity holds all contracts brokered by the various sassy Crossroads Demonettes, Dean's included. And as we rise above the noise and confusion, we're also reintroduced to Ruby The Sparkly-Haired Demon, who demonstrates the almighty powers of The Knife That Can Kill Anything by taking out The Seven Deadly Sins right in front of Gaping Action Sammy. She also insists that Darling Sammy's "special, in that ESP-vision kinda way," giving the dear and modest Ginormotron an opportunity to insist his powers vanished around the same time Dean brokered That Deal. We also are treated to a rather vivid example of what hellhounds do best before Dean convinces Princess Sparkle to admit there's no way he can avoid what's coming to him. And after Dean confesses his Hell-related fears to his brother, Sam vows they'll find some way out of That Deal, somehow, right as we're flung into another Montage Of Violence, with Sam breaking and entering, Dean fleeing a roiling and flashing cloud of bitterly black demonic goo, both of them feeding knuckle sandwiches to louche gentlemen I'm certain deserve it, Dean injecting Harmony with something foul, Sam beating that dream-walking douchebag to death with a baseball bat, and Dean blasting away at the spectral form of Freeman Dagget before we all get booted all the way back to the second season's second episode so we might watch as Our Intrepid Heroes weep over the funeral pyre of their worthless bastard of a so-called father just as Kansas tells them not to cry no more. And then? "You're gonna die!" Demon Dean roars, his beetle-black eyes blazing in the dim light afforded by Dream Dean's imagination. "AND THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GONNA BECOME!" I would offer that a DUN!, I'm sure, were it not time to shut the hell up for the...

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