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No Rest For The Wicked

...Silence, Silence NOW! Heavy, frantic human panting emerges from the blackness a split instant before the lights rise on a mad, victim's-POV tear through a remote stretch of forest. Several helpful people on the boards (along with their significant others) have reminded me of the fact that this sequence is a rip-off of -- um, "homage to" the first Evil Dead movie, and for their assistance, I am grateful, because my aging brain never would have pulled that bit of pop-culture trivia out of its ass on its own. The camera flips down from the victim's POV to capture the heavily frantic panter's legs, and as we can discern a distinct bow to the limbs in question, we know the victim here is Dean, a guess that's confirmed when the camera eventually rises to take in his frantically panting ducky lips. And because I've been avoiding spoilers like the plague since late last summer, for a very brief moment I thought The Kripkeeper was going to pull a fast one on all of us and slaughter Our Intrepid Hero within the first two minutes of the finale. Then I noticed how bright this entire series of shots is, slapped myself out of it, and realized it's all just a dream sequence. So, Dashing And Doomed El Dreamo pants and heaves and gasps as he runs and runs and leaps over fallen logs and dodges, like, errant ferns, and such until a harsh, lashing snarl erupts in front of him. El Dreamo jerks himself up short -- geddit? -- and gapes at the never-seen hell-sent beastie now coiling itself up on the forest floor in order to pounce, and the shot shifts to Hellhound-Cam for a second so we might get a dog's-eye view of this evening's prey before El Dreamo takes off in the direction he'd come, the hellhounds snapping at his heels until the one with the camera mounted on its forehead hurtles up through the air to flatten El Dreamo across a convenient clearing's dead leaves and dirt, and just as Camera Dog lunges forward to rip an extreme close-up of El Dreamo's nostrils from Our Intrepid Hero's face...

...Dean snaps awake in this week's motel room! Where he'd been reading about hellhounds by candlelight for some ridiculous reason before he nodded off. Oh, sorry! My bad. He apparently retired to some decrepit, barn-like ruin of an outbuilding on Bobby's expansive Dakota estate for this bout of last-minute research, which is why an entire cathedral's worth of candles are blazing around his pretty little photogenic freaked-out face. "Dig up anything good?" Darling Sammy smiles, ambling up from somewhere else. Tired El Deano flips the hellhound book shut and shakes his head. "Well, Bobby has!" Sam brightly reveals. "A way to find Lilith!" "Wow!" Dean allows, just a hint of sarcasm coloring his tone. "With just thirty hours to go!" "Hey, why don't we just make a T-J run, yeah?" The Dean Of Denial hopefully suggests. "Some senoritas?" he prods. "Cervezas?" he adds, overemphasizing his Latin-flavored inflections on the appropriate words. "We could...what's Spanish for 'donkey show'?" In a sign of how dire their situation has become, prissy, pissypantsed Sam does not furrow his mighty brow and purse his sorely celibate lips together in righteously indignant outrage at the very suggestion of such a sordid pursuit, but instead offers his doomed older brother an indulgent and conspiratorial grin before replying, "So, if we do save you...let's never do that." Heh. Dean shrugs it off with an easy enough "Eh," and Sam settles down at Dean's side to promise that, despite their unnerving proximity to Dean's sell-by date, they will figure out a solution to his problem. "Whatever it takes, Dean," Sam vows, "you're not gonna go to Hell -- I'm not gonna let you, I swear. Everything's gonna be okay." Dean wiggles his eyebrows around by way of expressing his thanks for these sentiments and would open his mouth to acknowledge Sam's welcome determination, I'm sure, were Sam's freakish Cro-Magnon skull not so busy transmogrifying itself into that of a hideous ghoul! DUN! Dean ably masks his true reaction to this hideous hallucination, and he mildly nods, "Yeah, okay" right before the...

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