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No Rest For The Wicked

...yet another of the innumerable run-down shacks occupying Bobby's expansive Dakota estate. I'm pretty sure this time. I mean, Darling Sammy wouldn't be stupid enough to summon Princess Sparkle one room over from his surly and doomed older brother, now would he? "Do you really want an answer for that?!" No, I do not, my faithful lizardly companion. Now, do you mind? "I do not in the least!" Thanks. "Don't mention it!" So, we join Sam as he squeakily chalks the last bit of a summoning sigil onto a stretch of basement concrete somewhere, and in a sequence of shots I believe parallels his own worthless bastard of a so-called father doing the same at the beginning of the second season, Darling Sammy and his sweaty neck Latinate for a bit before lighting a match and tossing the flame into a bowl of something green, the latter of which erupts into a quick torch of flame. Sam warily rises to his feet as the decaying structure surrounding him creaks in the wind, and finally, Princess Sparkle's off-screen voice snots, "Phones work, too." The camera swings around with Sam's gaze to find the sparkly demonette in question leaning casually against a rotting support beam, and I worry about her weight snapping that rotting support beam in two before I remember how scrawnily insubstantial her stick-figure of a body is. "Hey, Sam!" Ruby perks. "How's tricks?" "How do you get around so fast?" Sammy seethes on the audience's behalf, for we've been vexed by that very same question since the first season. "I got the super bullet jet pack," she eyebrows, not answering the question at all, and if anyone can tell me what the hell she's talking about, I'll give you a cookie. Or, you know, my copious and sincere thanks. Whichever arrives first.

In any event, Princess Sparkle pushes herself up from her most unladylike slouch and saunters on over in The Ginormotron's direction, wondering what gives. Sam blusters about Lilith and That Deal and secrets! and outrage! and such, but Princess Sparkle calmly reminds Our Intrepid Hero that had she earlier informed them of Lilith's involvement in this season's overarching storyline, Our Dear Boys would have taken that information and "charged off after her half-cocked." And then? "Lilith would have peeled the meat off your pretty, pretty faces." "SEE?!" shrieks Raoul, blowing out my eardrum, again. "Do you see why that...THING is so LOATHSOME!?" "DEATH!" he roars, really getting into it, and oh, Jesus -- there goes the other one. "DEATH TO HER WHO WOULD PEEL THE PRETTY FACES!" I think I got your point, my scaly friend. "Oh, goody!" Now may I...? "Of course! By all means, do continue on with your charming story!" Thanks. "Never a problem, I'm sure!" Rrrrgh. So, where was I? Oh, yeah: Sam's response to Princess Sparkle's taunt involves an epic bitchface that primly insists, "Yeah? Well, we're ready now, and I want your knife." Slyly dodging the demand, Princess Sparkle casts an appraising eye across his remarkably healthy form and allows, "You're right about one thing: You are ready." "And now's the time, too," she adds, slowly circling him. "Lilith's guard's down," she reveals. "She's on shore leave," Ruby continues, as Sam keeps a suspicious side-eye pinned to her face as she sways around behind his impressively broad back. "A little R and R?" The Princess prompts. Sam's all, "Buh?" and Ruby's all, "You don't wanna know," and Raoul's certainly in cringing agreement with that assertion, and Princess Sparkle finally wonders if Sam and Dean still have those hex bags she tossed their way many, many episodes ago. The boys do, and this is a very good thing, indeed, because those bags, as you'll recall, jam Lilith's demonic LoJack, or whatever, and the boys will thus remain invisible to her. Unfortunately, Ruby next flat-out refuses to surrender The Knife That Can Kill Anything, and things get very shouty, indeed, until Ruby lays the following bit of science upon The Ginormotron's tantalizing ass: "Sam, you've got some God-given talent -- well, not 'God'-given, but you get the gist -- [and it's] not gone." Nope. Apparently, the super-special abilities he acquired as a result of last season's Demonic Miss America Pageant and Sam's back-door victory in same have merely been lying "dormant" for the past year, and now that he's "desperate enough" to access them, he can "wipe [Lilith] off the map without moving a muscle." "You don't like being different," she accuses him when he initially balks at her solution. "You hate the way Dean looks at you sometimes, like you're some sort of side-show freak? But suck. It. Up! Because we got a lot of ground to cover, and we gotta cover it fast, but we can do it." Sam can sneer at her and taunt at her and call her names, but she's never, ever lied to him -- true -- and she's not lying now. "You can save your brother," she insists, "and I can show you how."

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