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No Rest For The Wicked

You know, the dizzy lizard's idea's not that farfetched when you think about it. Especially when Dean ends his little speech with the following call to arms: "We [gotta] stop being martyrs, man! We [gotta] stop spreading it for these demons! We take this knife, and we go after Lilith our way -- the way [our worthless bastard of a so-called father] taught us to!" The way Sucky John taught them to? Dead Sucky John? That guy? Yeah, they're fucked, and The Trickster's behind it all.

So, they quite naturally finish up their Touching Scene by breaking each other's balls. "Whaddya think?" Dean wonders, referring to his Mighty Plan Of Epic Failure. Sam pauses for a deeply contemplative moment, then replies, "I think you totally should have been jammin' 'Eye Of The Tiger' right there." "Aw, bite me," Dean shoots back. Hee. "Totally rehearsed that speech, too," Dean adds. Why Sam neglects to note he heard that very speech before from one of their occasional enemies, I'll never know, but let's ignore all of that until next season and keep this moving, shall we? "Tell me something," Dean begins, referencing Ruby's assertion regarding Lilith's current whereabouts, "the hell does a demon do for fun?"

Raoul? "Yes?!" Leave. "What!? But whatever for, you silly little man?! It's just starting to get good!" Her. "Oh! A hasty yet heartfelt au revoir to you all, I'm sure!"

With Raoul safely ensconced in his den -- where he, by the sound of it, is watching La Vie En Rose for what has got to be the 842nd goddamned time -- let's hop over to Inharmonious Indiana, where an ice cream truck tootles through a cul-de-sac as two elderly gentlemen emerge from their tastefully appointed homes to deposit some mail in their driveway boxes. Do people still do that? If I leave mail sitting in the box, our demented carrier just eats it. I think. Anywhoodle, "Pat Fremont" affably greets "Tom Weprin", and the two chit-chat about this and that, most particularly Pat's granddaughter, who seems to have been laid momentarily low by "that bug that's going around", and Pat sure as hell doesn't know how far that bug's spread, for if he did, he wouldn't be surreptitiously slipping "Tom" a slip of paper inscribed with a frantic "HELP US". We have little time to linger on "Tom's" reaction to this, though, for we must rejoin Pat as he shuts his front door behind him and gingerly steps over...the fly-encrusted corpse littering his foyer! I'm sorry Raoul had to miss this, but perhaps it's for the best, as you'll recall his taste for wanton acts of unrepentant violence tends to sour when the victim's a little old lady, which is what this fly-encrusted sweetie seems to have been. You know, up until a couple of days ago, when Lilith apparently ripped the poor old broad's lungs out through her nose.

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