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No Rest For The Wicked

Later that evening, Sam attempts to instigate a heartfelt chick-flick Suisse Mocha moment of his own as they sit side-by-side in the Impala's front seat, but Hypocritical El Deano's having none of it, and shuts that crap down with a quickness. "If this is my last day on earth," he announces, "I do not want it to be socially awkward." Instead, he flicks on the radio for some awkwardness of another kind: Impromptu karaoke, with Bon Jovi. The next blissful minute is filled with Our Intrepid Heroes singing -- badly -- along with "Wanted Dead Or Alive" by that horrific hair band from northern New Jersey, and while it's great fun initially for both of the boys, the too-relevant lyrics turn Doomed El Deano into a depressing mope by the end of the sequence, so let's skip ahead to the point where a state trooper pulls out of his hiding spot to flash his lights at the just-passed Impala, shall we? Sam quietly freaks until Dean rolls his eyes, remembering the broken taillight the car's sporting at the moment. He eases over to the side of the road with the trooper right behind him, and wearily rolls down his window while Sam passes him the registration from the glove compartment. "You do realize you have a taillight out, Mr. Hagar?" the cop inquires, reading the LYING LIAR'S latest alias from the latter's fake license. Dean lifts his luxuriously lashed doe eyes up to offer an appropriate response and -- almost imperceptibly -- freaks the fuck out at what he sees. A camera reverse shows the audience a standard-issue middle-aged officer of the law, but Dean continues to jitter and stammer until he...slams the car door open directly into the cop's crotch! Sam howls in consternation as Dean leaps from the driver's seat to pummel the trooper with his fists for a bit before sliding The Knife That Can Kill Anything from his belt and ramming it up the guy's neck. A quick-flaring burst of familiar-looking orange energy illuminates the cop's skull from within for a moment before dissipating almost as quickly as it'd appeared, and the gurgling human remains of the now thoroughly depossessed trooper drop to the asphalt, dead. "How'd you know?" Sam gasps as Bobby jogs over from his just-arriving car. "I could see its face!" Dean shouts, now utterly horrified on top of all his freaking. "Its real face, under that one!" Bobby and Sam gawp while the METAL TEETH CHOMP! scuttles in to snack upon The Manfully Imposing Ducky Lips Of Impending El Deano Doom.

Raoul's still in his den, by the way. "Non, rrrrrien de rrrrrien!" I'm not letting him out until I know that wretched excuse for an actress is off the screen for good. "Non, je ne regrette rien!" No, I'm not talking about Katie Cassidy. "Ni le bieeeeeen! Qu'on m'a faaaaaaaaait! Ni le maaaaaaaaal!" Shut up. "Tout ├ža m'est bien ├ęgaaaaaaaaaaaal!"

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