Of Grave Importance

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You in Danger, Hardy Boys

Stately Van Ness Manor. Aftermath. Dead Bobby beats himself up for a little while over stranding himself there in the manor until Dead Annie figuratively slaps him in the teeth and tells him to get over it. With Dead Whitman gone, she points out, they now have an opportunity to search the entire house, including the one room Dead Whitman normally "guards like Fort Knox." They pass through the locked door of said room to find themselves in a tastefully-appointed den, and they eventually make their way over to the fireplace, where the scorched bones of Dead Victoria still blaze merrily in the hearth. "That's how he took her out," super-smart Dead Annie instantly realizes, which leads to yet another discussion regarding the current location of everybody's remains, which leads to yet another discussion regarding the manor's past incarnations. In addition to housing a brothel, Dead Annie relates, Stately Van Ness Manor also functioned as a boarding house, a school and a speakeasy at various points in its sordid past, and goddamn, but there's got to be a hell of a lot of bodies tucked away in Dead Whitman's super-secret passageway by now. Dead Bobby picks up on the "speakeasy" thing, notes that speakeasies tended to have a variety of super-secret passageways at their disposal for the expected reasons and begins feeling around the mantel until he chances upon Dead Whitman's magical wall sconce. Deploying his newfound mad ghosting skillz, Dead Bobby yanks the thing down, and he and Dead Annie bounce into Dead Whitman's super-secret passageway to find -- among other things in various states of decay -- Dead Annie's corpse propped against the wall. Dead Annie ponders her rather photogenic earthly remains for second or so, then thinks to ask an excellent question regarding the ultimate disposition of spirits who get themselves "ghost-killed," as Dean put it earlier in the episode. Dead Bobby supposes they just vanish for good -- no Heaven, no Hell, just gone. Dead Annie agrees, but as neither of them know for certain, I wouldn't take their musings here as the last word on the matter. Especially because I'm all but certain the unquiet spirits of the world's human dead are going to figure prominently in the Leviathans' defeat during this season's finale.

In any event, Dead Annie plainly states that she'd like to have her rather photogenic corpse salted and burned as quickly as possible, thank you very much, regardless of the consequences, as being stuck in Stately Van Ness Manor until she deteriorates into insanity is not really her idea of a good time. And here's another thing I don't understand: With his newfound mad ghosting skillz, Dead Bobby could torch Stately Van Ness Manor and all the corpses therein right now -- after first removing his special flask from the premises, of course -- so what the hell is he waiting for? No, I don't really care about the answer to that one at this point, either, but I just thought I'd ask.

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